How will the role of HR change in 2023

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Every working day of an HR specialist today is a real challenge. The outflow of labor, the decline in employee well-being, and the restructuring of corporate culture. These and many other challenges need to be addressed here and now.

On March 30, at the HR CommuniTy online webinar, Yulia Chernobay, Lead People Advisory Specialist at EPAM Ukraine, told her colleagues about HR trends in 2023 and how the role of HR will change today.

What has changed in the work of HR?

Every day, new challenges arise that HR must address here and now: Where to look for new talent? How to communicate with management and find a common language? How to pay attention to everyone in the team and maintain team spirit?

The full-scale war in Ukraine has exacerbated the existing challenges and created new ones, so today an HR specialist needs not only to take care of the team but also to understand the business and its strategic objectives. Executives and managers expect HR to provide advice, suggestions and involvement in people management.

The difficulty is that everything changes almost every day, so meeting with colleagues, sharing experiences and keeping abreast of events is a must.

«We have the same tasks, the same problems, so we need to solve them together,» said Yulia Chernobay, a speaker at the event.

HR trends in 2023

📌 The first thing to pay attention to is the ability to adapt. Every HR professional should be ready for change:

🔹 to abandon conventional solutions;
🔹 learn new things and improve the skills already acquired;
rebuild the corporate culture.

📌 The next thing HR needs to know today is to automate and reduce routine tasks. Modern technological developments allow delegating responsibilities to neural networks or using more complex and practical data-driven approaches when making important decisions.

📌 In 2023, it is important to pay attention to the mental health and inclusiveness of employees, to accept all people, regardless of gender, location, or sexual preference.

The priority task of an HR specialist in this regard is to create a trusting atmosphere in which all employees feel comfortable.

📌 Today, HR is trying to do everything at once. You need to find time for develop yourself and your personal brand.

To choose the right vector of development, take the following factors as a basis:

  1. Set yourself your own goals to improve yourself
  2. Identify areas where you need to improve your knowledge
  3. Learn more about the needs of the business
  4. Consider the worst case scenario to be prepared for it

After the event, each participant was given the opportunity to develop their own personal development plan and determine how to use modern trends in their daily work.

Yulia shared her own experience and professional life hacks with her colleagues and told them how to keep everything under control, help the team and find time for themselves.

«Today, HR professionals need to be able to make quick decisions and sometimes even perform non-core work. I had a case when a colleague consulted me about documents for her pet while crossing the border,» Yulia shares.

How do you survive your own crisis? What to look for when working with a multicultural team? How to reduce the number of routine tasks? The participants of the event received answers to all these and other questions during the conversation with the speaker.

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