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About us

NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION KHARKIV INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER — Kharkiv-based NGO since 2015 unites the leading IT companies, local authorities and higher education institutions to introduce comprehensive changes into IT ecosystem of the city.

The objectives of the project are to promote the city as the best location for Ukrainian and foreign IT companies and gradual transformation of Kharkiv into a national-scale IT center.

The mission of the Kharkiv IT Cluster is to develop a favorable environment for IT business in the Kharkiv region.

Strategic directions:

  1. Education
  2. Kharkiv region - top IT location
  3. Infrastructure of the city
  4. Legal support and protection
  5. IT community and values ​​for it
  6. IT4Life


  • 2015 is the year of foundation of Kharkiv IT Cluster by the companies AltexSoft, Insart, Promodo, Sloboda Studio, Telesens, and Videal. They created a public organization that helped the IT-community to survive the crisis period in the country's economy. It helped to deal with the risks for Kharkiv border integrity and stop the outflow of IT-experts.
  • 2016 is when the Cluster develops and strengthens the IT-community, establishes international connections.
  • By 2017, the organization started carrying out new ambitious goals, consisting particularly in developing Kharkiv as an innovative IT-location.
  • 2018 is when the Cluster works on the growth of the IT-community and development of IT-ecosystem. The Cluster focuses on education, city infrastructure, PR of Kharkiv, and Value-Added Services for the organization members.
  • 2019 is when Kharkiv IT Cluster increased by 23 new members, found new business partners and five educational partners.
  • 2020 is when the Cluster expands and actively implements projects in the main directions: education, interaction with authorities, PR of the city, IT-community, office and residential infrastructure, and smart city.
  • 2021 — Kharkiv IT Cluster conducted Kharkiv IT Research 2021n September - the largest international event for IT business leaders according to Forbes. Launches the IT Certification project was launched to improve the state IT-education.
  • 2022 — Two new projects were launched in January - Tech women communITy for women in senior positions in IT and Investment Club. With the start of the full-scale war, Kharkiv IT Cluster launched several humanitarian areas of work within the IT4Life project.
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Olga-SHapoval-359x326 About Us
Olga Shapoval
Executive Director
oksana-kobzar-head-of-legal-kharkiv-it-cluster About Us
Оksana Kobzar
Head of Legal
Olya_Suhorukova-359x326 About Us
Olga Sukhorukova
Senior Copywriter
dariya-zozulya-designandcommunity-manager-kharkiv-it-cluster About Us
Dariya Zozulya
Design&Community manager
tatyana-kurtova-office-manager-kharkiv-it-cluster About Us
Tatyana Kurtova
Office manager
olena-lonko-project-coordinator-kharkiv-it-cluster--359x326 About Us
Olena Loienko
Education Team Lead
Nastya_SHapoval-359x326 About Us
Anastasiia Shapoval
Education Programs Coordinator
Oleksandr-SHtojko-480x480-2-359x326 About Us
Оleksandr Shtoiko
Copywriter - Producer
Iryna-Sosonna-480x480-2-359x326 About Us
Iryna Sosonna
Nastya-359x326 About Us
Anastasiia Ptashchuk
alina-olyeshko-intern-kharkiv-it-cluster-359x326 About Us
Alina Oleshko
Copywriter - Content Maker
shpak-kateryna-intern-kharkiv-it-cluster-359x326 About Us
Shpak Kateryna
Lyera_Morozova-359x326 About Us
Valeria Morothova
Snyezhana_Gorni-359x326 About Us
Snizhana Horni
Mariya-Grishanova-480x480-1-359x326 About Us
Mariia Grishanova
Community & Event Manager
Oleksandr-Brajchuk-480x480-1-359x326 About Us
Oleksandr Braichuk
Graphic Designer
Ulyana-SHumej-480x480-1-359x326 About Us
Uliana Shumei
Education Programs Coordinator
Valeriya-Glushhenko-359x326 About Us
Valeriia Glushchenko
Education Programs Coordinator

Supervisory Board

Medovoj About Us
Oleksandr Medovoi
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
President & CEO
    Bragynskyj-1 About Us
    Igor Braginsky
    CEO NIX United
      Alex-Radchenko About Us
      Oleksii Radchenko
      Raccoon Gang
        Katerynchyk-1 About Us
        Roman Katerynchyk
        CEO & Founder
          Kolb-2 About Us
          Alexander Kolb
            Rubyn-2 About Us
            Eduard Rubin
            Head of Supervisory Board
              Soloshhuk-1 About Us
              Vasyl Soloshchuk
              СЕО & Owner
                Holodenko-1 About Us
                Aleksey Kholodenko
                  Dmytryj-YAkovlev-1 About Us
                  Dmitry Yakovlev
                  CEO & Founder