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7 reasons to join the Kharkiv IT Cluster

1. See perspectives & invest in the future - the opportunity to implement changes and contribute to the future of our IT-city

2. Run ambitious projects - an opportunity to initiate and jointly implement large-scale and/or unique projects for the city aimed at developing the IT industry and infrastructure of the city

3. Grow your brand - opportunities to promote the brand of the employer, products and services, activities and initiatives of your company

4. Develop your network & collaborate - contacts, exchange of experience and opportunities for cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies, business associations, profile associations, universities, clusters, authorities

5. Attend best-in-class events and develop yourself - Participation in closed business meetings, as well as special conditions for participation in unique events of the cluster, discounts and free tickets for IT events in Ukraine

6. Escalate on-Cluster Value Added Services - Legal services and lawyer protection, visa support, maintenance of custom educational programs, access to databases of services and services at your request for development.

7. Volunteer and have fun - participation in volunteer initiatives: vocational guidance meetings with schoolchildren and students, sports and social projects - for new opportunities

How to join Kharkiv IT Cluster?
Step 1: Complete an application form
Step 2: Get the positive decision of general meeting
Step 3: Pay registration and membership fees*
*one-time registration fee of $ 500, the amount of the quarterly membership fee depends on the number of employees in Kharkiv

    Amount of empoyees in Kharkiv:

    Kind of activity: