Emotional burnout. The first symptoms and how to get rid of it

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Kharkiv IT Cluster understands how important it is to be a resource. That’s why together with ITRDev we have created a material that will help you cope with overwork.

Emotional burnout is a syndrome of constant fatigue that increases every day.

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Reasons for burnout

The sense of «social deficit» has worsened on remoteness, and online communication does not bring the joy that it did offline. A human being is a social creature; sharing one’s experiences, thoughts and emotions is important for everyone, even for staunch introverts.
Additional stress comes from the tense situation in Ukraine — fear, and uncertainty about the future — cortisol levels rise, which negatively affects mental and physical health.

Anything can be fixed

The first thing to know about burnout is that it is possible to get out of it and regain your former productivity and desire to work. It is worth starting with the prevention of emotional burnout.
Lately, we consume a lot of negative content that eats away at our positive thinking, emotions and resources. Limit your exposure to the newsgroups and make it a habit to check the news in the evening outside of work hours. Allocate yourself 15-20 minutes a day, so that the news feed does not consume you for hours.
Besides, one should always be attentive to oneself and one’s condition. It is especially important for HR specialists, managers, psychologists, because they are more often confronted with various states of others, which directly affects their own state.

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How to stay in the resource?

If you’re feeling tired all the time, that’s a red flag that it’s time to address yourself.

«For a long time, I wondered if I should change the field of activity, where I would like to realize myself still? There were always thoughts of more free and creative professions, such as a photographer, designer, stylist, artist, etc,» Oksana Iordayeva HR manager ITRDev shares her thoughts.

If you recognize yourself, you will come to the aid of a vocational test, which will prompt a profession that is peculiar to your type, which will allow you to better discover your abilities.

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It can be difficult to find answers on your own, so in this case, you can turn to a psychologist or coach.

The main is keep a balance

«One of the insights I got at coaching,» – says Oksana, – «is that in our adult lives, more than 80% of our time is spent developing ourselves, as a specialist, as an adult and a serious person. We forget about everything creative and leave that to our children.»

There is a theory in psychology about the three states of personality. It says that in every person there are three ego states: adult, parent, child.

ego_states-414x233 Emotional burnout. The first symptoms and how to get rid of it

When these three live in harmony, one feels comfortable and maintains one’s balance, shifting states from one to the other depending on the situation. However, when one of the egos does not feel the necessary attention, the balance is destroyed.

tips-414x233 Emotional burnout. The first symptoms and how to get rid of it

Keep this article handy at all times so you know how to deal with emotional burnout and recognize its first signs.



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