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AnyforSoft is a company that specializes in JavaScript and Drupal development. Active support of remote work has always been a feature of the company’s internal culture even before the start of coronavirus with its related quarantine measures.

Remote work for them isn’t a fashion trend, but the culture of the company. During the years of work, the company has proven that such a format can be really effective.

The advantages of remote work for job seekers

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Who doesn’t dream about working while sitting by the ocean and instead of wasting time to get to the office, just slowly pour a cup of aromatic coffee while listening to relaxing music? Indeed, the benefits which team members get from remote work are evident. According to the Duo’s survey in 2019, the ability to work remotely is a core factor for 14% of respondents while choosing a company. Considering the current situation, the trend of remote work will grow. Let’s review the main benefits for job seekers.

Save time on commuting

It is perfect to have an opportunity to enjoy the picturesque scenery while commuting to work. But, unfortunately, not everybody is so lucky. Therefore, it is much better to spend this time having rest or solving current work tasks, and this way you can finish working earlier!

Flexible schedule

Remote work includes a flexible schedule, so you can plan the day by yourself and determine when you need to relax when it’s better to work when it’s necessary to do housework, and how much time to leave for hobbies.

Comfortable atmosphere

Some people like listening to music or lying on the sofa with a laptop while working, but others prefer being in a seaside cafe. All of this is possible with remote work!

Travel anywhere and anytime

Work sitting with a laptop on the sea coast or work and travel at the same time doesn’t seem like a dream anymore. It can become a reality.

Benefits the company gets from remote work

Remote work is also beneficial for the company. And we’ll tell you why. Each point has been tested and proven by our own experience.

The wide range of job seekers

You can hire employees who are found anywhere in the world as you aren’t limited by location. In addition, some specialists prefer being independent and work only remotely.

The possibility to create a “mixed ” team

The dress code and other typical office restrictions aren’t suitable for everyone. And the remote work will allow you not to limit your employees, which means you will be able to bring into the team even those who categorically refuse to blend in with the routine office life!

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us. Some companies that weren’t used to working remotely have crashed. And those, who are used to such a format of work, aren’t afraid of any disasters. By the way, the teams which work at the office often have troubles that lead to a downtime – for example, a network attack. You won’t be affected by any of these problems if your employees work remotely.

How to optimize workflows for remote employees?

Remember that communication is very important in remote work. Employees are not units, not cogs in the system, they are people with whom you need to communicate and interact. You will have to treat each person in the team with understanding. This is the approach that you should use.

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Here are several practices for optimizing remote work that the AnyforSoft team has been developing for many years.

  • Increase the level of communication between people through joint discussions, business trips, and corporate parties.
  • Use video calls, messengers, and chats.
  • Create comfortable conditions to allow sharing the opinion: there shouldn’t be employees who keep quiet about problems and don’t propose methods of optimizing current work processes.
  • Be attentive to your employees: you must know who has a son born, who is sick, and who is going to divorce.
  • Praising in public and scolding in private – is the golden rule, especially it should be used in remote work.
  • Accept your own mistakes.
  • Encourage collective problem-solving.
  • Control your employees: set clear deadlines for the execution of the tasks, discuss the results, and always keep in touch.

Team, which is located all around the world

Remote work can be really effective. Regardless of their location, the guys work together effectively. AnyforSoft specialists travel on business trips, meet each other, and work productively from anywhere in the world.

Remote team culture is a reflection of our relationship with customers because we always work as a remote team with them. Our work process is being customized without linking to the location. This way, certain benefits are provided for customers: being anywhere in the world they get effective communication, timely supply, and transparency of processes.

We also provide perfect conditions for our employees: they can enjoy the bright sun on the Mediterranean Sea while working.

In AnyforSoft the workflows are built without connection to the location, and in the year 2020 it was proven that it’s a competitive advantage because remote work became an indicator of the company’s success.

What Tools Help Us to Work Remotely?

Here is a list of things which help us to do the job efficiently, even despite the distance:

  • messengers and chats for online communications;
  • mails;
  • calendars and trackers;
  • cloud storage;
  • task managers;
  • internal guidelines: sets of rules, principles, standards for professionals;
  • sessions of team communication.

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What’s Important while Working Remotely?

So, what factors determine the quality of the final result while working remotely?

  • Communication, which is continuous, transparent, detailed, and timely,
  • Feedbacks and reports are the key points while building a successful relationship with the client and inside the team,
  • Discussing the expectations of the customer,
  • The flexibility of the work schedule,
  • A clear roles distribution in the team,
  • Right chosen tools for online communication.

Company’s Culture in Remote Work Format

It is necessary to explain the company’s policy during the first interview. When a person just comes to the AnyforSoft team, he already understands well what is expected from him. Remote work provides a full focus on the expertise of the company. After all, the ability to provide high-quality services from anywhere in the world is an indicator of a high professional level.

The corporate culture features from the point of team members’ view.
  •  Oleg Royko

Project Manager

I was working in AnyforSoft company for about two years.

During this time, we have built strong friendly relations.

The company continues to grow and evolve, providing such an opportunity to all its employees as well and this point deserves special thanks.

And it is worth mentioning such “bonus” as an opportunity to work remotely, which is especially important for those who don’t mind working sitting near on the sea coast or by the ocean.

Indeed, if you are interested in working in a stable company with friendly staff and loyal management, this team is for you.

  • Dimitriy Ryzhakov

Front-end developer

I was working in AnyforSoft for 4 years and I have greatly grown up with this company. It’s a rapidly growing team that is focused on continuous development and the guys always interact and help each other. I would like to admit the warm relations with the management and inside the team.

Each employee has a development plan and the ability to propose various improvements. The company tries to consider all the wishes, satisfy the needs, and contribute to the professional growth of employees by providing and covering the costs of different training. There are regular salary revisions and goal settings that should be reached at the next stage of development.

There are always parties and events – both IT ones and such as just singing in karaoke.

There is also an opportunity to work remotely, which provides lots of benefits especially when there is the winter slush and frost outside (though this way you can skip fruit days and other nice bonuses).

In general, I recommend it to everyone who wants to work in a pleasant (almost like a family) team, and also improve his skills working on a variety of projects. I wish Anyforsoft and its employees to be successful and continuously grow!

  • Nikolay Solodkiy

Front-end developer – AnyforSoft

I was working in the company for 2 years. During this period, the company expanded its boundaries, acquired many employees, and still continues to grow and develop. I acquired the invaluable experience of working in a team where you are respected and appreciated. It’s a very friendly team, and if someone has problems at work or personal ones, everyone is ready to help. The management is also ready to help in case of any difficulties ( Personally I am so grateful for that). Among the bonuses are a flexible schedule, the ability to work remotely, fruity days, corporate parties, joint trips with colleagues to karaoke and bars.

I recommend it for those who want to work and develop in a friendly team.

  • Denis Terentyev

Python Developer in SUN InBev Ukraine, PJSC

I was working in this company for over a year. It is a good option for those who prefer combining office and remote work. There is a friendly team that is comfortable and productive to work with. The schedule is flexible. The company is excellent, and I was pleased to work there.

Customer service process

There is a rule in AnyforSoft: work with clients should be as transparent and open as possible so that all processes are in full view. Therefore, each new client has its own account manager, project manager, and sales manager. As a result, the client points out transparent and timely communication, as well as the team’s involvement in his project and business in general. In confirmation of this, here are a few customers’ reviews from

International Ecommerce & Manager, Stage Entertainment
“The work performed by AnyforSoft completely exceeded project stakeholder expectations, seamlessly connecting their products in a way that improves the quality of product the client is able to offer to their customers. Their team demonstrates a commitment to the long term success of the project.”

COO, Door 3
“They went above and beyond to meet our needs … The feedback from clients has been very positive and the in-house team is happy with the ROI. Knowledgeable and experienced, AnyforSoft delivered a high-quality product before the deadline and stayed within the budget.”

The traditions of the AnyforSoft team

There is a distinctive tradition in the company: each newcomer, being in terms of the trial period, can go for a week to the city where the main part of his team is located (it means where the company has offices). Due to this, he will be able to join the new team quickly and take in the cultural values of the company.

Joint holidays

5-1-414x198 Remote culture of the company as its advantage

The team adores celebrating the holidays together. For example, on New Year’s Eve, they traveled to Bukovel for skiing and snowboarding.

6-1 Remote culture of the company as its advantage

There are also many events that can take place online such as corporate meetings, team meetings, training.

Do you want to have the same?

Changing to a remote work format is an excellent solution and the current pandemic terms contribute to this in every possible way. Save your resources, create strong and trust-based relationships with employees and customers, establish clear processes to advantage from the remote format.

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