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One of the members and companies-creators of Kharkiv IT Cluster is Sloboda Studio. It is time to learn more about the company!

teamwork Kharkiv IT Cluster member: Sloboda Studio

The company creation Sloboda Studio

It all started with the interest of Pavel Obod, founder of the company, to the development and business. Before creating Sloboda Studio, Pavel worked as a developer and dreamed of creating the company to reflect his personal values and Ruby on Rails development, the direction he worked in.

In 2010, Pavel founded Sloboda Studio, the company that now specializes in full cycle software development, code audit, maintenance service and technical support.

The company’s offices are situated in two Ukrainian cities — Kharkiv and Cherkasy.

Why clients choose Sloboda Studio

“Our company worked with such brands as Huggies, ArturIn, Cambridge Brain Science, Applift, CityFalcon, TikkTalk and others. Many of our clients attracted investments after working with us”, — shared Yaroslav Titenok, CEO Sloboda Studio.

sloboda-3-1100x733 Kharkiv IT Cluster member: Sloboda Studio

Besides a wide range of cool projects, one of the reasons for the company’s high-quality work is a thorough hiring and choosing process of specialists inside the company as well as specifically for projects. As a result, each customer gets a personalized approach with high efficiency of teamwork.

Sloboda Studio has many awards on Clutch, Goodfirms, DesignRush and other ratings platforms.

During the last 3 years, Sloboda Studio has been in Clutch Top 1000 B2B Companies Global. It proves the company’s leading positions.

Sloboda Studio directions of work

Initially, Sloboda Studio specialized in Ruby on Rails development.

But with time, the company has started to extend the directions and technologies:

  • machine learning;
  • online marketplaces creation;
  • mobile apps development;
  • Python web apps development;
  • real estate apps development.

Supporting the team to succeed

2020 was a hard one for everybody. Though, Kharkiv IT companies keep on proving that it is possible to be productive and please specialists needs even during remote work. Sloboda Studio is one of such companies.

— We kept the opportunity to work either remotely or in the office. The office keeps on providing specialists with everything they need to work comfortably. We hold online team buildings, and deliver sweets and other food to specialists’ houses, — says Yaroslav Titenok, CEO Sloboda Studio.

Weekly, we share news to maintain our main value — transparency and honesty. Before the pandemia, we used to hold corporate parties, active outdoor events, run marathons, go kayak, conquer mountains, and simply have rest together.

sloboda-2-1100x733 Kharkiv IT Cluster member: Sloboda Studio

In the frames of the PDP program, the Sloboda Studio team bust their skills and try something new and interesting for themselves.

“We have a corporate game inside the company — Sunflower game. In this game you can gain points for quality work, activity, and many other things. As a result, points are exchanged to nice bonuses and presents” — shared Liliya Andreychenko, HR Sloboda Studio.

Corporate social responsibility projects

Sloboda Studio actively develops as a socially responsible business:
— Our team actively participates in charity fundraising activities and donates in different organizations.
We pay lots of attention to helping children, and specialists’ families who found themselves in a difficult state, — shared in the company.

Educational projects and internship programs in the company

The managing team of Sloboda Studio actively participates in educational events of the company.

  • PeopleFirst — an event for HR and HH. It is a year-long course for HR- and HH-specialists. Specialists attend lectures twice a week with Ukrainian and international experts. Participants have access to a wide library of useful documents and materials.
  • Managerial duels — an event for negotiation skills bust. It is a game where the company’s team of managers bust their negotiation skills by participating in duels. How it works: there are 2 participants and 2 persons who are seconds. There is a made-up situation between 2 participants, and each of them have to prove their opinion using different arguments. It only takes 10 minutes, and then judges name a winner depending on different criterias and qualities of negotiations conducting.
  • PMday — an event for everybody who are involved in project management. It is an event where managers analyze difficult cases from their projects and share their expertise.

The company also has annual Ruby on Rails internships, and holds inner courses, and webinars on upgrading specialists skills.

Why Sloboda Studio decided to join Kharkiv IT Cluster

Sloboda Studio stood at the origins of the Kharkiv IT Cluster creation. Pavel Obod was one of the initiators of the Cluster foundation.

Pavel had a desire to not only develop his business but to contribute to society, develop Kharkiv, and solve city problems, such as protecting IT business, IT education, developing community and providing networking.

— With a help of common work with Kharkiv ITCluster, Sloboda Studio positions itself as a socially responsible company. It helps us to develop an image of the company among specialists and customers, — tells Pavel Obod, founder of Sloboda Studio.

teamwork Kharkiv IT Cluster member: Sloboda Studio

Kharkiv IT Cluster helps Sloboda Studio by providing networking with other members, and organizing educational initiatives.

— We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities to help in the fight against Covid-19 within the IT4Life initiative. Being in the Cluster is a great opportunity to participate in different projects that focus on team comfort, health, and development, — shared Pavel Obod.

teamwork Kharkiv IT Cluster member: Sloboda Studio

We thank the Sloboda Studio founder and team for contributing to the development of the Kharkiv IT community, and active participation in different city and Cluster projects.

Stay tuned to learn about common projects of Kharkiv IT Cluster and Sloboda Studio!

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