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Meet Kharkiv IT Cluster members — GeoComply!
Read in the article about the company’s specialization, its values, how they take care of their specialists, and why the company decided to join the Cluster.

Work directions

For 10 years, GeoComply has been developing software to detect fraud and protect digital content by using users’ geodata.

GeoComply clients are entertainment and gambling games companies, public lotteries, streaming platforms and financial institutions. Among those companies are BBC, Prime Video and Warner Bros Digital.

“GeoComply products have been developed specifically for the regulated games industry. Later, we could apply our products in other industries. Today, our software is downloaded on more than 400 million devices around the world”, — shared Olena Kosenko, manager of the product.

GeoComply offices are located in four countries, and the company has a global customer base.

“Together, we aim to create a quality product and make everything possible to provide high quality work. Today, GeoComply is a team of more than 200 specialists that keeps on expanding”, — shares Vadym Ilyasov, Delivery Director of the company.

Learning and special offers for specialists

“To support specialists development in the company, we created a system of professional education with a personal schedule and a year budget. Learning process may be held anywhere — online, and offline. Besides, we have an educational program for TOP managers and leaders of different directions: G-Force Oxford Strategic Leadership programme created by the Oxford Saïd Business School”, — company shared.

YAR_1632-1100x734 Kharkiv IT Cluster members: GeoComply

The company’s specialist of any position and any level may go to Canada or Vietnam to develop communication in the team and learn closer with a new culture.
“We are proud that our team is people who constantly learn and aim to create an amazing product”, — company’s specialists shared.

Besides, GeoComply has wellness programs for specialists. By the end of the three-month trial, each specialist gets access to an expanded insurance and a possibility to attend free English lessons.

GeoComply actively works with young talents. The company has an internship program for them. During the internship, students work with professional mentors to bust their soft and hard skills as much as possible.

UA-office-1100x686 Kharkiv IT Cluster members: GeoComply

Moreover, an important detail of GeoComply corporate culture is respect to specialists. That’s why the company supports the equality policy. 49% of employees are women and 51% are men.

Why the company decided to join Kharkiv IT Cluster

“Together with Kharkiv IT Cluster we plan on expanding our opportunities and making an impact on the Kharkiv region IT ecosystem development. We are delighted to join the community and look forward to our common projects”, — shared in the company.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is proud to have such an extraordinary for the IT industry company that cares about its specialists and their rights. We are looking forward to having lots of cool projects and initiatives!

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