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Yael Acceptic is a new member of Kharkiv IT Cluster!

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Kharkiv IT Cluster has got a new member – Yael Acceptic. What company culture is and why they have decided to join the Cluster – read more in the article.

Yael Acceptic is a part of the Israeli union of companies – Yael Group. They have been working successfully in Ukraine for 10 years. The company has two offices – in Kharkiv and Kyiv.

The employees of the company are highly qualified developers and managers who can handle projects of any complexity. Now the company has more than 150 employees. Most of them are senior and middle developers.

The main principle of the company is to follow the clients’ interests. That is why it is essential for the company to maintain a high quality of work, to have progressive thinking, and to focus on the result.

Besides the constant pursuit of working more and better, the employees have time to spend their time actively and joyfully. They throw parties, go camping, and enjoy sports. One more principle of the company is a happy and pleased team.

Why Yael Acceptic has decided to become a part of the Cluster

Ilona Sivachenko, the HR of the company, told us why Yael Acceptic had decided to join the Cluster.

«We have decided to be a part of the Cluster because we want to contribute to the development of the city and its IT-ecosystem. We want to expand our possibilities and get to a new level of the projects’ realization. Besides, our company considers essential to make connections with other companies and have the opportunity to bring our ideas».

Kharkiv IT Cluster already implements a lot of projects that affect the development of the city. We would be glad to implement cooperative projects with Yeal Acceptic and improve the environment for the Kharkiv IT industry.

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