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Kharkiv IT Cluster members: WEB4PRO

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Meet a Kharkiv IT Cluster member — WEB4PRO!

The company representatives shared its story as well as some info regarding WEB4PRO’s development path, and what made their corporate culture special.

The foundation and work directions of the company

WEB4PRO was founded in 2003 by Marat Mingazov. Since then, the company has been actively developing in the sphere of eCommerce.

The story of the company began 17 years ago. The interest in programming and eCommerce, willingness to start something new, create its professional team made the foundation of the company happen. Initially, Marat and WEB4PRO team aimed to develop the sphere of eCommerce in the whole world, and help brands and partners become stronger.

12-1 Kharkiv IT Cluster members: WEB4PRO

“During the company’s existence the team has gained great specialized experience in the sphere of eCommerce, and that’s why it consists of professionals. We dive into clients’ businesses and build relationships to become not only tech experts but reliable and trustworthy partners for our clients,” a comment of Anna Shatalova, Head of Marketing Department.

The development office of the company is situated in Kharkiv. WEB4PRO works with partners from European and US countries. Many of them have been cooperating with the company for more than 7 years.

12-1 Kharkiv IT Cluster members: WEB4PRO

Now, the company focuses on strengthening and developing the main direction expertise:

  • eCommerce solutions for brands and partners from the sphere of fashion, accessories, furniture, health and beauty, cosmetics and care, food and drinks;
  • solutions for corporate business in the sphere of education, events, sports, real estate, and tourism.

The company’s professional environment and culture

The company works on its brand, creates client-oriented solutions for people, appreciates their trust and long-term relationships.

“We are constantly growing with our partners. We find solutions to complex and interesting tasks, strengthen our skills and expertise,” commented Anna.

Corporate learning and constant development are the essential elements of WEB4PRO culture.

“We have been practicing internships in our company for more than 4 years. Our learning programs are developed by our company’s professionals. The learning process continues under their control and guidance. It helps our interns to adopt experience quickly and effectively,” tells Alina Alieva, HR Manager.

Why the company decided to join Kharkiv IT Cluster

“We see value in what Kharkiv IT Cluster does. We decided to develop the IT community in Ukraine and support the IT industry together,” shared Anna.

Kharkiv IT Cluster thanks the company for developing an environment for the technology business with us! Furthermore, we have lots of great common projects.

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