WEB4PRO: "ready for anything to bring the Ukrainian Victory closer"

WEB4PRO: “ready for anything to bring the Ukrainian Victory closer”

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Almost a year has passed since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Every person and every business was touched by the war, had to overcome many difficulties, but all this only makes each of us stronger.

Kharkiv IT Cluster talk about the difficulties WEB4PRO had to face after February 24, the peculiarities of the team’s work and management in wartime, the technological difficulties they had to face and how the team successfully overcame them.


WEB4PRO is an eCommerce company with a 19-year history of successful projects and satisfied customers. The company’s arsenal includes the most reliable CMS and technologies that meet all website development standards and client requirements, allowing them to serve their purpose now and in the future.

The WEB4PRO team will be able to easily handle the creation of a new website or improve an existing project with the highest quality and compliance with deadlines.

WEB4PRO-414x311 WEB4PRO: "ready for anything to bring the Ukrainian Victory closer"

Stronger together!

2022 was a difficult start for the company. The most important thing was to ensure the safety of our employees, however now the team is scattered across different parts of the world and Ukraine. The company also opened a new office in Vinnytsia — in a relatively calm place for the time being, where you can come and work in a cozy atmosphere, or stay if necessary.

Now the company’s work is operating at 98% capacity and the team continues to implement all the ideas and wishes of our customers. The company has been ready for crisis situations since 2014, including the period of the pandemic, so remote work did not cause any serious difficulties. Thankfully , WEB4PRO has also had the opportunity not to cut employees since the beginning of a full-scale war.

WEB4PRO4-414x170 WEB4PRO: "ready for anything to bring the Ukrainian Victory closer"

Despite recent events related to electricity and internet issues, WEB4PRO has a detailed Business Continuity Plan. All specialists have all the necessary equipment for remote work.

In addition, in case of power outages and problems with the Internet, employees use electricity generators, several alternative Internet providers, solar panels, power banks, as well as backup communication from Starlink.

The company is not indifferent to the problems of employees and constantly helps in the purchase of all necessary equipment.

Work against everything

All the company’s projects are active, not a single client has been refused service. Moreover, after a full-scale invasion, the company has also signed several new contracts and received many additional projects.

Customers receive the same level of service as before, and employees, thanks to the flexibility of schedules, the correct redistribution of people and the willingness of staff to put in extra effort and help with the tasks of colleagues who are temporarily unable to work, ensure continued productivity.

WEB4PRO7-414x276 WEB4PRO: "ready for anything to bring the Ukrainian Victory closer"

The company’s employees and management are confident that they are ready to cope with any circumstances and, no matter what, will do everything to continue working, fulfill their duties perfectly, support the Ukrainian economy and bring Victory closer.

Kharkiv IT Cluster & WEB4PRO

The war showed everyone that the opportunity to join a professional circle of like-minded people and work together is an invaluable experience. Exchange of experiences, discussion of possible prospects, and the opportunity to join in solving general problems of the IT environment are the main reasons for joining the WEB4PRO team to the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

For the Kharkiv IT Cluster, it is a priority to create a favorable environment for the activities of the IT community. Become a part of joint actions and major shifts in the direction of the development of the IT sphere, join the Kharkiv IT Cluster community!

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