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IT has always been attractive to young people: advanced modern technologies, the ability to work anywhere in the world, and high salaries.

After February 24, 2022, interest in the field grew exponentially. There were 13 candidates applying for one UI/UX designer position at the same time, 17 candidates for the QA Manual position, and 7 candidates for HR.

Today, the situation is similar, as IT is the only industry in Ukraine that grew in the turbulent year of 2022.

Uitop, a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster, also felt the oversaturation of the labor market. In just a month, the team received 400+ responses to UI/UX designer vacancy.

«Despite the large number of responses. We review each CV and give feedback to everyone who has sent a completed test task: what skills need to be improved, what needs to be learned, etc.», — quote from Anastasia Tarasenko, HR Uitop.

📝 Vacancy from Uitop: UI/UX designer without experience
📝 Vacancy from Uitop: UI/UX designer, 1 year of experience

Labor market today

Uitop is one of the top 10 design companies in the US market. To stay in the top, the team keeps abreast of events and analyzes the situation on the labor market.

📈 Positive trends. The demand for IT specialists remains high, and the number of vacancies is growing. According to a survey of 500 companies, the number of IT vacancies has increased by 25% compared to the previous year.
In May, almost 1200 hiring messages were registered on Djinni, which is 12% more than in February. This is about the same level as in January 2022 before the full-scale invasion.

💪 Qualified personnel. 76% of surveyed companies consider English language skills to be a key requirement for candidates for IT positions. IT specialists with knowledge of the latest technologies are in high demand: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing.

⚠️ Negative trends. 35% of surveyed companies reported project cuts and delays. 42% of IT professionals are concerned about salary instability and potential reduction of financial investments in the industry.

Uitop’s reaction

Uitop is a lively and experienced team of UI/UX designers that is growing and looking for new talent to join our team.

invite_to_team-414x233 Uitop is looking for talents!

The company actively cooperates with Beetroot, Hillel, GoIT, A-Level IT schools and provides jobs for graduates and young professionals.

For Junior or Trainee level specialists, the company has a step-by-step training process that allows a new teammate to comfortably join the team and improve their hard and soft skills.
In addition, every six months, the company conducts a performance review to look at the successes and achievements of each team member and determine the future vector of development and areas of responsibility.


The IT sector in Ukraine is currently experiencing a «perfect storm»: war, high market competition, layoffs, project delays, etc. Nevertheless, IT professionals and companies withstood a difficult start in February last year and continue to demonstrate their resilience today.

Uitop is no exception. Despite the turbulent conditions, the team has consistently kept a high level of performance, given IT talent the opportunity to prove themselves, and continues to implement the ideas of startups and companies into interfaces that rule!

If you want to become the best, join the best!

👉 Welcome to the progressive community of Kharkiv IT Cluster 👈

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