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Uitop is a new Kharkiv IT Cluster member. It’s a lively and experienced team of UI/UX designers who turn ideas from startups and existing companies into interfaces that rule!

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The Uitop team knows the needs of a startup and is always ready to help with a great MVP design for a client’s idea, juicy and understandable UI/UX, and SaaS for growth.

«Our approach is simple: always have a budget, meet deadlines, and stay in touch,» Ivan Klizhenko, CEO of Uitop, quoted.

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Uitop is a team of professionals who work with an effective design process, have experience in relevant projects, and build a communication process that is convenient for all parties.

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Uitop is one of the top 10 design companies in the US market.

«Thanks to a systematic approach to projects and the implementation of consistent actions, our team is disciplined and efficient,» Ivan Klizhenko shares his secret.

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The company’s portfolio includes projects in many areas: HR, Healthcare, Wellness, E-Learning, NFT, Trading platform, Real Estate, Fintech, SaaS, Construction, Analytics, CRM, Logistics, Parking, and Publishing.

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Uitop is a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster, cooperates with Hillel IT School, and provides training and growth for employees from interns to senior managers. The company also provides attendance at conferences, business meetings, and courses as part of its cooperation with the GROWTH FACTORY platform.

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In addition, on the company’s YouTube channel, Uitop CEO Ivan Klizhenko answers the most common questions about UX/UI design, UX/UI and Product designers, and SaaS products that are of interest to startup founders and executives.

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Looking at the new Kharkiv IT Cluster member, Uitop, we can confidently say that our community brings together the best IT professionals who create cool and creative solutions that have fans not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders!

Become a part of big, progressive changes — join the Kharkiv IT Cluster community!


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