How do you preserve the company’s small traditions even in a shelter?

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The life of ZONE3000, like that of every Ukrainian, changed on the morning of February 24. On that day, the company’s representative office became a shelter for specialists, their loved ones and pets.

Kharkiv hub

Today, the hub in the first capital has its own bomb shelter, which was prepared in advance when a plan was developed in case of a full-scale invasion.

«The room was equipped with sleeping places, water and food supplies, and facilities for uninterrupted operation. In the first months of the full-scale war, our specialists and their families hid there from enemy attacks: people lived in the shelter and were able to work,» says ZONE3000 CEO Serhii Skurihin.

In the first weeks, the company’s resources were focused on the safety of the team — providing shelter in Kharkiv, evacuating people to Lviv and abroad.

Thanks to advance preparation, the company’s specialists resumed their normal work routine a few weeks after the start of the full-scale invasion.

«We continue to work fruitfully with all our clients. Last year, we even grew by 14%,» Serhii shares his achievements.

office-414x233 How do you preserve the company's small traditions even in a shelter?

Today, the storage facility in Kharkiv is equipped with powerful generators and uninterruptible power supplies, and the network is reinforced by Starlink. In the event of a power, heat, or internet outage in the city, this space can be used for several days. Computer equipment is placed here, and the work areas are equipped with everything needed for the specialists’ work:

«We tried to make this space comfortable for our people, so we brought our little traditions here. In the storage facility, just like in the office, we take off our shoes and walk around like at home – in slippers or barefoot, and there is carpet on the floor. There is also a locker room, a recreation area and a Coffee Room».

ZONE3000 hubs in other cities

In the first months of the war, the Lviv office became a refuge for colleagues from Kharkiv. The workspace was additionally equipped with sleeping places for specialists and their families. For the part of the team that went abroad, ZONE3000, together with its partner Namecheap, set up a hub in the Bulgarian city of Bansko.

«In early 2023, we conducted a team survey and decided to open a network of hubs across the country. Today, our specialists can work comfortably in 15 different cities of Ukraine,» says Serhii Skurihin, sharing the company’s achievements.

All workspaces are equipped with generators, have uninterrupted Internet access, and there are shelters nearby. ZONE3000 hubs are a comfortable place for uninterrupted teamwork even during the darkest blackouts.

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