«Ready for anything!» The story of Luxoft’s invincibility

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In 2022, IT was the only export industry growing in Ukraine. In spite of everything, we survived, became stronger, and are confident that in 2023 Ukrainian IT will become even more powerful.

Luxoft in Ukraine constantly monitors the situation in the country, so the team has developed a separate Business Continuity Plan in advance to ensure the continuous operation of the business in difficult conditions.

«All of our permanent locations have a backup power supply through a diesel generator set, which allows us to consistently maintain a high pace of work on projects,» says Olena Samborska, Managing Director and HR Director of Luxoft in Ukraine, sharing the technical component of the offices.

team_luxoft-414x276 «Ready for anything!» The story of Luxoft's invincibility

Thanks to Starlink, the Luxoft team always stays in touch and is not afraid of possible interruptions. All of the company’s offices in Kyiv, Odesa, and Dnipro are equipped with backup supplies of drinking water, fuel, medicines, and snacks.

«Our Kyiv office has a bomb shelter with Internet access. If necessary, we can spend the night there. Overall, office visits increased significantly during the blackout period,» says Olena Samborska.

The Luxoft team feels not only safe but also comfortable. All of the company’s offices have common and separate workspaces, convenient spaces for meetings, and kitchens with coffee and tea.

space_luxoft-414x276 «Ready for anything!» The story of Luxoft's invincibility

Today, Luxoft is ready for any scenario to continue working, fulfilling customer tasks, and bringing Ukraine’s victory closer no matter what!

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