How to work effectively in turbulent times: Akvelon’s story of invincibility

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Over the past few years, the Ukrainian IT community has been living in constant turbulence: the crisis, COVID-19, and now rocket attacks and blackouts. Despite all the cataclysms, companies are finding opportunities and resources to adapt in order to work effectively and support the state, both on the front line and on the economic front.

Kharkiv IT Cluster member Akvelon was no exception. As soon as the first massive outages began, the management realized that they had to do everything possible to provide people with the necessary resources so that they could work and provide for their families.

akvelon_meet-640x427 How to work effectively in turbulent times: Akvelon's story of invincibility

The company has three full-fledged workspaces in three different cities of Ukraine. In the Lviv and Dnipro offices of the Akvelon dev-center, coworking spaces provide generators and power strips, while in Kharkiv, the company equipped the office with everything it needed on its own.

This allowed the team to efficiently carry out its haulage operations during the period of active outages. The situation has now stabilized, but we are confident that Akvelon is 100% ready for a possible recurrence of the power outage situation.

akvelon_team-640x427 How to work effectively in turbulent times: Akvelon's story of invincibility

The majority of the team continues to work in Ukraine and provide quality results to their clients. Akvelon proves that they are unbreakable and bring our common Victory closer every day!

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