Благодійний фонд SoftServe “Відкриті очі” передав 100-ту карету швидкої допомоги військовим

SoftServe Charity Fund Open Eyes donates the 100th ambulance to the Ukrainian defenders

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Another batch of ambulances was handed over by the SoftServe Charity Fund “Open Eyes” in cooperation with the Lviv regional state administration. 13 ambulances will be delivered to the frontline from the Open Eyes Fund as part of Maksym Kozytsky’s initiative “1000 Cars of Freedom” and the fund’s “Drive for life” project.

“Since the first days of the full-scale war, SoftServe has been working on the economic front, but we have also focused on volunteering projects to help Ukraine. One of these projects is the “Drive for Life” of our corporate charity fund “Open Eyes”, which started last year on the company’s birthday. To celebrate our 29th anniversary, we decided to buy and send 29 ambulances to the frontline. Today we have already crossed the 100-vehicle mark, including ambulances and vehicles for evacuating the wounded defenders. As of today, the total amount of money SoftServe has donated during the war is over 400 million UAH,” said Yaroslav Lyubinets, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors at SoftServe.

Each ambulance is fully equipped with resuscitation equipment and humanitarian aid (medicines, medical supplies, food, immobilization equipment, etc.).

“We have focused our volunteer work on helping military medics who save hundreds or even thousands of lives of Ukraine’s defenders every day. Accordingly, all vehicles are delivered fully equipped with the necessary elements that save lives on the way to the hospital. These are defibrillators, stretchers, fixation pads for fractures, life support systems, ventilators, etc.” – comments Bella Rapoport, ambassador of the Open Eyes Charity Fund.

With the ambulances delivered today, since the beginning of the full-scale war, SoftServe has provided 111 vehicles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, some of which will be used for evacuation from the frontline and first medical aid.

“Soon, 13 ambulances will be delivered to military units and then to the frontline. The vehicles have been fully equipped with medical equipment to save our soldiers who sacrifice the most valuable thing for the future of our country – their health – every day. It is extremely gratifying that today’s event is part of the initiative “1000 Cars of Freedom” by the Head of Lviv regional state administration Maksym Kozytskyi. Together with various philanthropists, we have already handed over more than 1200 vehicles to make the work of defenders on the frontline more mobile. I am sincerely grateful to SoftServe and the “Open Eyes” Fund for their support since 2014,” said Andriy Godyk, First Deputy Head of Lviv regional state administration.

About 500 SoftServe employees volunteered for the charity fund during the war, personally delivering ambulances to military units, and they also helped bring them to Ukraine from Europe. These 13 vehicles will be delivered to the defenders in the coming days.

During the war, SoftServe’s Open Eyes Charity Fund delivered 59 ambulances and 52 casualty evacuation vehicles to Ukraine, more than 500 tons of humanitarian aid, 15,673 items for personal protection, and 5,800 items of IT equipment for the military and NGOs. The total amount of money that SoftServe donated during the war reached $11.7 million (420 million UAH).

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