What has changed in Ukrainian IT? — ARTJOKER analysis

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«We will turn your idea into a great result!» — this is the credo of ARTJOKER, the Kharkiv IT Cluster’s member. The company has been proving its expertise in software development for more than 16 years and provides a wide range of services to its clients.

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«We develop even non-standard solutions simply! Promotion, design and development that bring results to businesses from any field,» says Oleksandr Prokopiev.

One of the stages of ARTJOKER’s work is analysis, because without a correct, meaningful analysis of things, there is no good result. That’s why the company’s team shared its observations on changes in the IT market with Kharkiv IT Cluster so that Ukrainian companies and IT professionals could know what to expect in the near future.

Changes happening in IT right now

📌 The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning is gaining popularity, so there is already an increase in the number of projects in this area.

📌 The active integration of blockchain technologies into various business areas, including the financial industry, transportation, healthcare, and others, continues, so there will be a great demand for specialists in this field in the near future.

📌 The attraction of foreign investment in the IT sector of Ukraine has deteriorated, which does not stimulate economic growth and market development.

📌 Due to the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation, the IT sector of Ukraine needs increased attention to cybersecurity and the implementation of various security measures.

📌 Today, there is a decrease in demand for IT companies around the world, so there are significant problems in the labor market in Ukraine: new jobs are not being created, and competition among candidates is increasing.

Reduction of employees

One of the current trends in the IT sector is the reduction of employees. Oleksandr Prokopiev, CТO of ARTJOKER, points out that, in general, layoffs can have a negative impact on a company’s long-term operations and reputation. Of course, this should be taken into account as soon as the market recovers, so that you can orient yourself in time and have time to restore your business.

However, in some cases, downsizing has a positive effect for the company, as it allows it to reallocate resources, focus on key projects, and hire more skilled people who simply could not be found in a stable market.

«We have seen in our own vacancies that many companies are laying off employees. There is also a tendency to lower salary expectations from potential candidates,» says Oleksandr Prokopiev.

In any case, the decision to downsize must be carefully considered by management, taking into account all possible consequences and alternatives.

Customers’ reaction to the war

Despite certain efforts to mitigate the impact of the war on business, it is still a decisive factor in choosing Ukrainian companies to cooperate with, particularly in those industries where it may pose potential threats to security and uninterrupted services.

However, it should be noted that more and more clients are looking at the quality of services and professional abilities of Ukrainian companies, ignoring the war. After all, the country is now making enormous efforts to market itself externally and to highlight the real situation in the country.

«Today, the team is doing everything to be as ready and stable as possible for possible force majeure. We have purchased Ecoflow, Starlink, and regularly draw the attention of our customizers to the fact that we know how to provide them with good service despite the war,» says Oleksandr Prokopiev, ARTJOKER CTO.

Despite all the challenges and difficulties, today the company is focusing on longer-term projects and relevant technologies, as this is a great driver for change.

team-640x315 What has changed in Ukrainian IT? — ARTJOKER analysis

The company continues to work with both local and foreign projects to provide as many work opportunities as possible for engineers currently in the country. When choosing Ukrainian projects, the team pays special attention to the development of relevant expertise and technologies for the export market.

Also, the ARTJOKER team regularly supports and thanks the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to work and feel safe ❤️

Join the progressive community of Kharkiv IT Cluster — make Ukrainian IT better together!

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