Artjoker picks a new CEO. Roman Karterynchyk remains in the role of owner, mentor and strategist

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IT company Artjoker introduced a new CEO — Dmytro Dzhus. Previously, Dmytro was in the position of Chief Commercial Officer.

Note that Roman Katerynchyk, who is the founder of Artjoker, and who has been CEO for 14 years, remains with the company in the role of owner, mentor and visionary.

The key reason why Roman made the decision to pick a new CEO is his own defocus on parallel projects (Roman is co-owner of two fintech products MyCredit and OnCredit).

As Roman wrote in his official post on Facebook, «It was fundamentally important for me to honestly answer my question «Am I 100% immersed in the current work of the company, or am I constantly distracted and engaged in others?». So I started looking for a CEO at Artjoker to retain my role as mentor, owner and visionary».

We asked the new CEO, Dmitry Dzhus, to give a brief comment about what are the priority tasks in his new position: «Roman left behind a brilliant team, the ideology of which is Leadership, Mutual Assistance and Responsibility. My main goal at the first stage, I see finding opportunities and resources through which Artjoker can make a quick jump up now — a quick victory that will unite us even more at this time while we are transforming».

Kharkiv IT Cluster congratulates Dmitry on his new position, and wishes him and Artjoker drive and victories.