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In October, the Outsource People conference hosted IT BIZ AWARDS 2015. It is a celebration of the best specialists of IT-industry in Ukraine. Kharkiv IT Cluster is pleased to present Sergei Salenko, Business Development & Marketing Manager of the AltexSoft company , who is the only one winner from Kharkiv in the list. He took second place in the Sales / Marketing Specialist section. Learn  B2B marketing tips for IT-companies from a recognized professional!

Sergei, you are representing a company AltexSoft, tell us about it.

I would like to start by saying that AltexSoft is a cool company. And it’s not just my opinion. The same opinion is shared by other experts of our team. Thanks to their reviews AltexSoft received the title of best IT Employer 2014 in two categories at once (according to the dou rating). One of the AltexSoft major keys to success  is, as we believe,  a feedback from our customers. It may sound bold, but our customers love and appreciate us. It’s true. We permanently monitor the level of their satisfaction: 85% of our customers are satisfied with cooperation with AltexSoft and willing to recommend us to others. Naturally, this is the result of our team work!

Please describe the perfect marketer. What set of skills he needs?

He is ambitious, intelligent, sociable, creative, has a consistent thinking, constantly studies and tries new things. Moreover he is cunning and knows when to risk.

A good marketer should be able to identify the target audience to develop a unique selling proposition for customers, KPI for key activities and also generate and test ideas for attracting new customers. Here marketer works in conjunction with Sales.

I must say that marketing is becoming more and more sophisticated. I would recommend to read the «The Digital evolution in B2B Marketing» report, prepared by the CEB Marketing Leadership Council and Google, that has information on all the basic tools, which are now widely used: Paid Search, Online Advertising, Online Communities, Social Media and Blogging, Corporate Website and SEO. The report is open, so it is easy to find. Read carefully!

How IT companies should choose a marketing strategy?

This question is difficult to answer briefly. “Strategy” from the Greek – is “the art of the commander” and is determined by the company’s management. We need to understand customer needs, create related products and services, and organize communication with potential customers as well as delivery. At the same time everything has to be developed on the basis of long-term goals.

The feature of our business is that we are basically working on the B2B market, with following peculiarities:

  • The decision to purchase is accepted, as a rule, collectively.
  • Sales cycle is long.
  • The potential customer is often well-informed about the properties of the product or service.
  • Pre-going research and compare prices of different Vendor.
  • The decision is preceded by negotiations.

This business is built on relationships and should be guided by them.

Marketing strategy of AltexSoft resonates with our mission: to create the best software solutions, our professional team helps companies to make people’s lives easier.

What’s the wierdest way to find a contact that you applied?

This is an unexpected question. To find a contact now is not difficult, as there are Google Search, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on. There was a time when the Internet already existed, but the Google was not as advanced as nowadays, and the LinkedIn didn;t exist(although it is hard to believe). To find the contact i had to take advantage of specials services.

And what method is n used in your practice most often?

There are several ways to find the necessary contacts. For this purpose, there are special services such as Email Hunter or EmailSherlock. I prefer the instrument, which shows the email and the phone on the person or company on the LinkedIn page. To find contacts for mass electronic mailings i can advise and LeadFerret. And a good way  is always to ask friends. Very often, someone studied, worked, smoked bamboo or whatever with someone else.

Marketing in the US and Europe – what are the fundamental differences we need to know.

They are many: different cultures, time and language differences. The American market is more reactive and open, and you often can  communicate with potential customers directly, for example through LinkedIn. European and especially the German market is more conservative, and it is better to look for a partner who can advise you. And solutions here are made much more slowly.

On Outsource People you get the prize as one of the best, does it motivate?

Of course, it is nice when you are rewarded. It motivates me for reaching new goals.

2015 was a successful and fruitful year for me:

We has increased the level of customer loyalty. The company рфы entered in the Top-Ranking of Clutch lists in 3 categories: Top Ukraine-based Web and Software Developers, Top Ukrainian App Developers, Top Mobile Web & Hybrid App Developers. We got the Best Outsourcing Thought Leadership (BOTL) Awards from the Outsourcing Institute. AltexSoft was nominated for Vendor Excellence Awards 2015 and GSC 3S Awards in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing.

Company Website entered the Top 500K according to the ranking of Alexa. Our conversion rate has also  increased. Next year I am going l to keep growing professionally,develop the success of our company, and what is also important – to be better for my family.

What business are you going to finish this year and what are your goals for next year?

Now I am  having on-line training at the HubSpot Academy and i want to pass it successfully to get certified in the  Inbound Marketing field. In addition, I would really like to visit my friends who live in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. And I wasn’t on the West Coast. So, San Diego, get prepared!

If you have any questions or suggestions, You can mail me on a Facebook page, or contact by mail on Skype: salenkos

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