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IT company GlobalLogic has been running a campaign called “Make an impact beyond the code” for a year. The campaign aims to highlight the specialists’ impact on global technology and life improvement. More than 200 technical specialists from all over Ukraine shared their stories.

The contribution made by engineers goes beyond writing code: the Ukrainian IT community has strong expertise in the auto industry, embedded technologies, and AI. It actively supports the Ukrainian Defense Forces and humanitarian initiatives.
According to the results of the collected stories, the top areas of impact are as follows: healthcare, volunteering, media industry, high technology, and education.

impact_stories_Infographics-414x233 GlobalLogic shared impact stories of IT specialists

What IT specialists create in teams

Among the developments that Ukrainian engineers work on in teams: smart defibrillators, an auto safety system, a smart home, and even a well-known wine selection app.
In particular, one of the work projects is fire safety software. The software, created by GlobalLogic specialists, analyzes complex buildings with large concentrations of people, such as hospitals, airports, office buildings, etc.
The software helps prevent the spread of fire and provides recommendations for equipping each room with the proper firefighting supplies.

Own developments of Ukrainian engineers

In addition to technological developments in work projects, Ukrainian engineers and students create their own: green energy solutions, silent motorcycles for the Armed Forces, and, for example, the UA:Fairy Tales app for children to always have access to their favorite stories.

To learn more about the impact stories of specialists in various industries, please visit the campaign page.

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