GlobalLogic entered the Forbes Rating of Business Resilience. What helps a business to be resilient?

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Forbes magazine published a rating that included 30 Ukrainian companies from various industries that are most resilient to the challenges of a full-scale war. The IT industry, in particular to GlobalLogic, are the most resilient according to the ranking. The Business Continuity Plan and sincere caring for the team help GlobalLogic successfully develop business in Ukraine.

The Forbes editors evaluated the companies according to many factors, including: the number of specialists and open positions, the current state of the company compared to last year, the dynamics of sales, plans for the future, etc. As of October, the productivity of the GlobalLogic Ukraine team has recovered to 97% of the pre-war level.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the company has become the only one of the three largest Ukrainian IT companies that have grown in people. Currently, it has 318 open positions and plans to attract another thousand specialists to cooperation in Ukraine next year. In addition, during the large-scale war, GlobalLogic entered the top 3 best IT employers of Ukraine according to the choice of students and received the HR brand Ukraine 2022 award.

People are the main priority of business in difficult times

The early implemented Business Continuity Plan made it possible to save the business and continue the growth of the company. It guarantees two priorities: the safety and well-being of the company’s specialists, as well as the fulfillment of project obligations. GlobalLogic ensured the evacuation of specialists and their families from the most dangerous regions to the west of the country, made additional payments, and reserved places on projects for each team member. The company also pays attention to the mental and physical health and well-being of people: specialists can use the Healthcare Benefits Program and Wellbeing Deposit, call for help on the internal hotline, etc.

“Our company has had a Business Continuity Plan for more than 10 years. It is about people and for people, because people is the most important value for GlobalLogic. It is the care of the team that ultimately ensures the sustainability of the business, comments GlobalLogic Vice President Anna Shcherbakova. — Specialists continue to work effectively even from bomb shelters, and they also manage to volunteer in their free time. Thanks to the contribution of each specialist, all our releases happened on time, and some customers received the result even earlier than expected.”

Technical support of business continuity

Business continuity from a technical standpoint is possible due to the uninterrupted access to electricity and internet connection. The company’s offices were equipped in advance with shelters, diesel generators and fuel delivery, as well as several alternative methods of accessing the Internet bypassing the territories of the russian federation and Belarus.

The IT sphere in Ukraine became the only one that, despite the war, demonstrated 27% growth compared to last year. The share of IT in the export of services is also increasing: it increased by 16% compared to 2021 and amounted to 48%, so the industry will continue to be one of the key donors of the Ukrainian economy.

About GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic is a leader in digital engineering. We help brands across the globe design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world. By integrating experience design, complex engineering, and data expertise – we help our clients imagine what’s possible and accelerate their transition into tomorrow’s digital businesses. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GlobalLogic operates design studios and engineering centers around the world, extending our deep expertise to customers in the automotive, communications, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, semiconductor, and technology industries. GlobalLogic is a Hitachi Group Company operating under Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), which contributes to a sustainable society with a higher quality of life by driving innovation through data and technology as the Social Innovation Business.

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