GlobalLogic’s Ukrainian engineers impact at least 7% of the global technology market

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How Ukrainian engineers impact the global technology market

Ukrainian IT specialists from the GlobalLogic company significantly influence the global technology market in various fields. The company’s clients have from 7%* to nearly 40% of the technology market share in the medical, media, telecom and automotive technology industries. Engineers’ developments, in particular, make people healthier, maintain high-quality communication, and provide comfortable and safe travel. The influence of Ukrainian IT specialists on the industry can be estimated at billions of US dollars.

Medical software solutions

The global market for medical devices in 2021 was $532.62 billion. Ukrainian engineers are involved in projects that occupy almost 10% of the market and are valued at $50 billion*.

IT specialists create more than a hundred medical software solutions of various levels. These include applications for tracking and analyzing patient health, systems for transmitting, processing and storing medical data, software for first aid devices and many other developments.

In general, there are three categories of devices in medicine depending on their potential impact on a person. Most of the developments that Ukrainian engineers work with are of the third type – that is, those that have a direct impact on human health. The development, testing and use of devices of the third type are regulated by strict standards, including the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States). These developments include, for example, smart defibrillators and systems for the automatic administration of drugs to the human body, such as insulin.

The impact of Ukrainian engineers on the telecom industry

In 2021, the global telecom market reached $1,657.7 billion*. Ukrainian engineers are involved in the projects of key players, which occupy more than 37.5% of the market. This share can be estimated at $621 billion*. GlobalLogic’s specialists create video streaming and cable access technologies, as well as Wi-Fi router software for the telecom industry. In this way, people around the world stay connected, use network access for work, communication, entertainment, and more.

Media software

GlobalLogic engineers are also involved in media projects that improve the user experience of interacting with digital content. The share of projects in the global market of OTT services (streaming platforms that allow you to consume content in streaming mode) is at least 36.4% and is estimated at $36.9 billion. At the same time, the market for OTT services in 2021 reached $101.42 billion.

Ukrainian engineers help to create solutions for recording and mixing 70% of all commercial music in the world. Well-known rock, pop and jazz compositions appeared thanks to the Pro Tools software package, which, like most other Avid solutions, was created by GlobalLogic engineers. Ukrainian and international bands use ProTools when recording individual tracks and entire albums. Among them are Maroon 5, Coldplay, Linkin Park, “Ocean Elzy”, “Druha Ryka”. Soundtracks for the films “Jurassic World”, “Deadpool 2” or the TV series “Game of Thrones” also were created with the help of this technology.

“People all over the world use technologies daily, which specialists from Ukraine contributed to. When they drive to work, watch their favorite TV shows, communicate with loved ones via video call, or automatically receive a dose of insulin. Ukrainian engineers have something to be proud of both from the point of view of expertise and from the point of view of the impact on the global technology market, – notes Andriy Yavorskyi, senior vice president for strategy and technology at GlobalLogic. – As a company, we’re committed to celebrating the contributions of every engineer whose impact extends far beyond writing code.”

Impact on the global automotive technology market

Ukrainian engineers also create solutions for other industries, including automotive technologies. Thus, as of 2021, the volume of the automotive infotainment system market was estimated at $7.3 billion.

Ukrainian engineers are working on machine learning and computer vision technologies, allowing the car to see a picture of the terrain, understand its position in space and build maps that can be used for unmanned driving. In addition, while the driver is driving the car, the autonomous system monitors his condition while driving and reacts accordingly if the driver, for example, begins to fall asleep.

The impact of Ukrainian engineers on the global market

In Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of specialists create digital products and services, but they do not always realize the accurate scale of the result that their work brings.

To talk about the contribution of Ukrainian engineers, GlobalLogic launched the “Make an impact beyond the code” campaign. Its purpose is to talk about the true impact of software engineers. To celebrate the contribution of each developer, GlobalLogic offers to share the story of its own impact – as many people as possible in Ukraine and the world must learn about the significant things that Ukrainian engineers create.

*Here and below, the market share and its monetary equivalent do not refer to the value of the services provided by the company or IT specialists, but to the % or natural expression of the market share directly or indirectly influenced by Ukrainian engineers.

Open data from Mordor Intelligence was used for market share calculations.

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