The Second Conference IT Marketing Talk – Marketing for Lead Generation

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May 20, 2017, Kharkiv IT Cluster holds a conference IT Marketing Talk for the second time. This year it is dedicated to lead generation and customer search. We have grown and raised our level considerably over time.

Our current agenda is worked out with the assistance of Elena Petrova and Alena Parenchenko, Business Consultants at  AdvanceIT. Together we analyzed the whole marketing pool on the base of 9P (product, price, place, promotion, people, process, physical evidence, public relations, personal selling). And what is essential, we determined those tools of lead generation that bring the greatest conversion to service IT companies.

“Up-to-date Internet marketing tools offer a raft of communication channels for lead attraction. Each channel has its lifehacks, peculiarities, and features. When you know them, you can substantially reduce a period between the first message to your target audience, getting a request, and making a deal. According to my experience, I can say that  B2B sales show marketing communication channels work just in an integrated manner,” – noted Nataliya Vynogradska, Managing Director at Kharkiv IT Cluster.


Our Speakers are Marketing Professionals with Practical Skills

Only successful trainers-practitioners will make their presentations at IT Marketing Talk. Everyone masters his or her topic all to pieces. Our speakers have got a positive experience in lead generation for IT companies, and work on foreign markets.

We selected speakers to the following criteria:

  1. Mandatory use of presented lead generation tools on TOP5 priority markets for Kharkiv service IT companies (countries of North America, North and West European countries, Great Britain, and Israel);
  2. Giving at least one practical case with its pre-arranged and real results;
  3. Current employment at service IT business and previous experience of public talks.

“We consider it’s important to get together speakers who do work on foreign markets namely from Ukraine. They daily chart this hard way of searching for potential customers, and are by nature the same marketing specialists, as participants of our conference are, ” – mentioned Nataliya Vynogradska.


Niche Expertise of the Reports


In fact, one report means one lead generation tool. Certainly, communication channels tend to overlap and should often be used jointly. But for convenient information perception, we tried to limit the reports’ specialization as far as possible and to focus on each topic discretely.

Presentations’ Topics:

  • Online promotion: a sequence of actions and KPIs
  • The site as the primary tool for lead generation: must-have elements
  • Cold emails for lead generation
  • Facebook for Outsource
  • Link and Din are rushing to the rescue
  • How we bring orders from conferences
  • Networking for business or how to attract Facebook customers
  • Why don’t your Promo materials work
  • IT Marketing Talk Program Compilers


Comfortable Conditions for Learning and Networking

IT Marketing Talk format is tailor-made and intended for maximum 150 attendees. That means you’ll get into the best environment for live communication, fast and efficient information perception, networking, and merely fun entertainment.

Kharkiv IT Cluster has a mission to develop the environment for technological business in Kharkiv. IT Marketing Talks is a platform for professional experience exchange for Kharkiv IT specialists. Conferences and meetups of the kind extensively encourage knowledge building, mind broadening, creating new horizontal links, and new ideas integration inside the local IT sphere. We believe in our effort to bring the tangible results to Kharkiv IT community.

In future, we plan to widen and to improve IT Marketing Talks. We have a vast range of challenging topics to cover. These are marketing for sales, marketing strategy for service IT companies and many other ones.

Speakers’ Comments

novikova The Second Conference IT Marketing Talk  - Marketing for Lead Generation

Anastacia Novikova, Сo-Founder Conformato and NexGenDesign:

“I am going to bring you some examples of students from our school when we got clients and signed with them contracts due to cold emails. I will tell what you should put attention at while writing a cold email. For example, approach such as “we have supercool developers, don’t you want to employ any developers” is growing steadily worse. Some people know that, but other ones don’t. It’s regrettable when companies try to sell developers bluntly. We are aware how to do it in an effective way, and we will be pleased to share our experience at IT Marketing Talk.”


legn The Second Conference IT Marketing Talk  - Marketing for Lead Generation

Evgenia Legn, CEO Dinarys LLC:

“From the early beginning of our company we didn’t work out with labor markets, where other companies search for customers. We had been vainly endeavoring to yield any result, and then to put our attentions to other lead generation methods. We started actively searching for clients at conferences. At first, we visited Ukrainian events, and step by step we’ve  outgrown Ukrainian market. Last year we started to attend large foreign conferences.

I will share the things that are quite workable in our company. I will tell how we choose the conferences to visit, how we prepare for the business trips. Preparation is a very important stage; we spend on it about two months or so. It is also significant to create an active team for the trip and do a homework afterward. The actions described bring us a real profit.”


sherbachev The Second Conference IT Marketing Talk  - Marketing for Lead Generation

Michael Scherbachov, CEO LivePage:

“I’m going to tell how a service IT company can get a website that would involve clients for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I will show what kind of team you need, and how much resources and time it would take.

For a few years, our company experienced to work with more than 50 other companies that are specialized at IT. I’ll give you striking and fruitful examples, tell about painful experiences and failures. I’ll make a conclusion and say who should think about lead generation via a website, and who shouldn’t use the tool.

Each business specific is unique, and a website must emphasize its positive features. All the conference attendees will be able to mould him- or herself in our business model, realize how lead generation via a website may help in his or her business.”


britanchuk The Second Conference IT Marketing Talk  - Marketing for Lead Generation

Roman Brytanchuk, Business Networking Expert:

“I have been engaging clients and sponsors on various projects for more than ten years. I have got wide experience in B2B communications. Among the clients I’ve engaged, there are such leading players as Intel, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, DELL, OLX, Vodafone, Nova Poshta, DTEK, and many others.

My presentation at  IT Marketing Talk will not be about traditional marketing for attracting the mass flow of leads. It will rather be about practical business links building and use. If you want to make a networking tool work, it’s a deal of primary importance to be able to use different communication channels, including social media. As for instance, clients often search for information about you on LinkedIn. In this context, they decide whether they want to friend you, to answer your email, and generally to do business with you or not. However even CEOs often have weak profiles or vice versa, they look like persuasive ads. The balance is needed.

We’ll also talk how to initiate and make an introduction in a correct way, how to start communicating and how to engage your western partners in productive dialogue. We’ll talk about why people should recommend you to someone else. Links solve all the challenges. So it’s time to know how to use them in the best way.”


pakhomov The Second Conference IT Marketing Talk  - Marketing for Lead Generation

Igor Pakhomov, Marketing Consultant:

“While watching my customers, I see them not to put into their promo materials any particular concepts. Under promo materials, I understand both banners, landing pages, emails, and even selling scripts.

Marketing specialists frequently write general words, talk in general words, and show general pictures from stocks. And then they are surprised, why this stuff doesn’t work. In my presentation, I am going to explain, why an approach of the kind is nonfunctional. I’ll tell how to build the marketing system where all the promos bring real values to a client.”


beloshitsky The Second Conference IT Marketing Talk  - Marketing for Lead Generation

Eugene Beloshitsky, Social Media Marketing specialist, Freelancer, Representative of the freelance Upwork platform in Kharkiv:

“I’ll try to give some new and valuable information of how to explore LinkedIn for service business development. I’ll make an effort to explicate that the way we often use this social media is cracked up, inefficient, and operose. I’ll tell and show how companies can get more values from LinkedIn, and start to implement the best LinekdIn marketing practice.”