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Targeted advertising specialist: non-tech professions

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Kharkiv IT Cluster keeps on telling you about non-tech professions in IT. We hope our rubric will help you with the right choice of the profession!

Today, we are going to tell you about targeting specialist.

Who is targeted advertising specialist?

A targeting specialist is a specialist who sets up advertising on social networks to attract the right audience. This audience is called the target audience. There are a number of features of the target audience: age, gender, profession, interests etc.


Responsibilities of a targeting specialist:

  • define the target audience, recognise the features;
  • choose targets, which means to plan the way you would attract the audience: what words, photos and videos you need to post, and whether you need a landing page or email newsletter;
  • prepare banners, texts, videos, and run a test campaign on social networks, or work with prepared materials;
  • identify a successful campaign, expand it;
  • maintain a targeting campaign.

Qualities of targeted advertising specialist

Here are some competences that are necessary for a targeting specialist:

  • understand the platform you work on;
  • advance knowledge about marketing, use the terminology;
  • be able to learn quickly;
  • be assiduous;
  • manage your time, because a targeting specialist sometimes works as a freelancer;
  • be patient, be curious, pay attention to the smallest details.


You can get an education, first of all, in courses. However, the perfect option is to gain knowledge by practicing, taking an internship, and learning from experienced targetologists. But no one has canceled self-education yet, it is always relevant.

So stop dreaming — act and get your dream education now! And Kharkiv IT Cluster will tell about more professions in IT!

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