Inside the profession: how to create a cool logo

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Every brand has its logo, the signature of the company. A logo is not just a nice sign, it is a history, positioning, and chosen colors.

Today, we’d like to share with you some lifehacks on how to create cool logos.

home-office-e1600171340110 Inside the profession: how to create a cool logo

Here are our tips:

  • Before designing, analyze a brand’s mission, tasks, and audience. Understand what people like and what they need.
  • Analysis will help you understand what colors to use (green for trust or red for fast decisions), the type of transitions (sharp or smooth), either to use a drawing or a name.
  • Do not forget about competitors. Your logo should be unique.
  • Create a laconic logo people can easily remember. Do not add bulky elements. The first logo of the Apple company mentioned in our previous post is a bad example.
  • Logo should look harmonic on different placements, either it is a document, pen, notebook, flag, or a business card.
  • When your logo is ready, print it to see how it looks.
  • If the company operates internationally, create a logo that everybody will understand. For example, write the brand name in English and avoid using ambiguous signs.
  • Avoid using scripts with curls and so on. The easier the script the easier it is for understanding.

One more hint: get inspired by other logos on the platforms like LogoPond, Logo Moose, Logo Gala, LogoSpire.

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