New Master Degree Program Starts under Support of Kharkiv IT Cluster

IT Cluster IT Cluster

During three weeks a group of students of the V.N.Karazin Kharkiv national university has been studying strategic communications and new media within a new Master Degree programme, supported by the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

It was launched on the basis of the Department of Applied Sociology and Social Communications, aiming to give the students a comprehensive understanding  the strategic digital communications . Nowadays for such professions It is not enough to know only marketing instruments. It is important to have a strategic view of the business or an organization, in order to form correct messages and manage a marketing team.

“We suggest our students an optimal balance of theoretical and practical training, a multidisciplinary approach, and opportunities to become an intern at the partner companies. We also developed the comprehensive courses, so that the future graduates will not need additional trainings at their first jobs” said  Olesia Ulianova, Education Coordinator at the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

Employees of the partner IT companies have become the course mentors. Some of them have a PhD Degree.

The curriculum includes various disciplines: crisis communications, online marketing, content creation and management, copywriting, SMM, SEO, as well as studies of rough information spaces.

“We have finally put into action our idea to combine technological and social studies in a single programme. The department is responsible for the theoretical training, as for the practical aspects, here we are supported by the companies’ employees”, said Sergiy Aksenov, the Head of the Department. He also added that as over 605% of the communications happen through the Internet, the labour market demands specialists, able to combine technical and social skills while working.

The Master programme graduates will be able to work on TV, in the internet media, marketing agencies and departments.