Spotify: a team is a family

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Hello! Kharkiv IT Cluster keeps sharing with you the corporate culture elements of various IT companies to inspire you for new achievements.

This time we’ll tell you about Spotify, a foreign music online service.
And here are some essential parts of their corporate culture:

  • Healthy employees. Specialists, for free or at a discount, attend gyms. Also, they attend lectures on such topics as mindfulness, inspiration, mental and physical health. This improves their productivity.
  • The employee’s family matters. Spotify regularly holds events and invites relatives of specialists to them. At such parties, they forget neither for children nor adults.
  • Support for the various interests of specialists. The company has interest groups called tribes. They allow workers to make friends and have fun. Such tribes are not attached to a project or the profession of workers.

When dealing with people whose work depends on creativity, the width of thinking and inspiration, the conditions for them must be appropriate. The owners of such companies assure that such bonuses do not relax specialists, they begin to work even more, because from the very beginning they are aimed at the result.

Corporate culture is an essential element of productive work for many years. Therefore, get inspired by the experience of your colleagues and create not only a company but a real family.

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