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IT STEP Academy has 20 years of experience in education with 125,000 graduates, 59,000 students aged 7 to 60+. STEP is represented by 102 branches in 21 countries. Parents entrust their children to STEP; adults entrust their careers.

It’s time to get closer!

Four universities were opened on the basis of the Academy with master and bachelor programs. Since 1999, the STEP Academy has been changing education in Ukraine and the whole world. IT STEP collected the best practices from all over the world and developed a comprehensive school of the future. In 2020, STEP opened 10 such schools in Ukraine.

The STEP Academy in Kharkiv has been successfully operating for more than 18 years, teaching IT for both children and adults.

Main directions for adults

1. Professional computer education.

The history of STEP began with this project more than 20 years ago. This is a comprehensive training program for IT specialists in one of three specialties:

Professional computer education is an alternative to university programs. Students learn and, most importantly, practice in the specific subjects demanded in the market.

2. Specialized courses.

Training programs that help to master a narrow specialization in IT in a short time. Now the STEP Academy conducts sets for courses:

  • complex internet marketing;
  • development of web projects;
  • Python software development;
  • Java software development;
  • software testing;
  • Android development;
  • iOS development;
  • 3D graphics in 3DS-Max.

Directions for kids

Today, more than two thousand children aged 6 to 16 study at the Kharkiv STEP. They receive IT skills that will be useful in the future, regardless of their choice of profession, learn to work in a team, communicate effectively, and find new friends with similar interests.

The first STEP is IT courses for the little ones, grades 1-3. Kids learn to use information technologies in general, rather than specific technologies.

The Small Computer Academy is a course for schoolchildren in grades 4-9. During their leaning, MCA students try themselves in various areas of IT:

  • robotics,
  • programming,
  • 2D design,
  • 3D design,
  • motion design,
  • web technologies,
  • digital art,
  • game development and much more.

Professional Computer Education School is an IT profession for schoolchildren 13 to 16 years old. The program and specialties are the same as for adults, but in a softer schedule, adapted to be combined with education in high school.

IT STEP in Kharkiv continues to grow and develop, so IT STEP recently became the owner of an 8-storey building in the city center near the “Pushkinska” metro station. The company is holding a tender for the restoration of the facade, planning and renovation of educational and administrative premises. STEP is open to interaction with Kharkiv IT Cluster, ready to support various educational and other initiatives, to be an active participant in the IT life of our city.

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or by phone: +38 (050) 444-08-82.

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