Kharkiv IT Cluster told women how to make their first steps towards IT profession

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A practical seminar ‘Women at IT’ took place in Kharkiv Regional Job Center on 9 March 2017. The event was hosted with assistance from Gender Culture Center and targeted at the women who want to find a job at IT company and specialize in IT field.

According to Kharkiv IT Cluster Data, IT is the most dynamically developing industry among the other ones in Ukraine. Since 2011 by 2015 Ukrainian IT market had grown 2,5 times. And now its volume comprises 2.7 billion. And by 2020 this number is going to double.

Nataliya Vynogradska, Managing Director Kharkiv IT Cluster, mentioned: ‘Demand for IT specialists grows. But they have to meet pretty high requirements – aptitude for learning, hard-working and responsible nature as well as well English skills. Those who know English not well enough I would recommend starting their career from Digital Agencies. This kind of companies is a perfect place to study and gives one a great impulse for further professional development’.

A number of women employed or striking to employ at IT is growing fast. Now we have 46% women among those who study at Telesens Academy QA courses. And recently it was created a group exclusively for women .

‘Our trainers do all they can to make the courses clear both to technical and nontechnical specialists, humanities-minded people and ones without any academic degree. So all the participants are under equal conditions. While studying they take part in testing real projects that our partner IT companies give us. Thus, the participants may mention about the experience in the projects in their CV. That gives them tangible benefits for employment’, – said Daria Siedykh, CEO at Telesens Academy.

Many IT newcomers have rather extensive experience in other spheres, but at this life point, they want to change their direction and try themselves in something new. They often appreciate not only high salaries but also opportunities to embody their ideas and become a prominent link in the IT company’s chain.

‘IT industry is marked by the intensive working process as well as high requirements for employees. But many of them work hard due to results’ visibility when you are an important part of the project, and it depends on you. It motivates one to work well and punctually and continuously be in progress to do various tasks’, – stressed in his speech Timur Marufiy, CEO at IT Career Professionals.

It is possible to find your potential employer, if you wish, assure the seminar participants. Those who are searching for a job may participate in specialized programs by IT companies, study at IT courses, and regularly visit career fairs where they can meet employers personally.

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