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Kharkiv IT Cluster celebrated its 4th birthday: 58 participants, 35+ partners, over 50 implemented projects and 30% IT coverage of the region.

Top-managers of the companies of the Kharkiv region, universities, industry experts, partners and associates became guests of IT Community Meetup, which took place on July 11 at Superior Golf & Spa Resort.

Guest were participating the test drive of the cars from the partners of the event, golf game, networking and attended the presentation of the results of the Kharkiv IT Cluster and its plans for the development of the IT-ecosystem of the region in the coming years.

Kharkiv IT Cluster has implemented 50 projects in four directions: education, international positioning of Kharkiv as IT-location, development of infrastructure projects, as well as value for participating companies.

Kharkiv IT Cluster pays special attention to the education and strengthening of the intellectual potential of the industry. These are Kids2IT projects, the large-scale NewEdu International Education Forum: Tech in Focus, which has been the platform for business communication, state and educational institutions of various levels, as well as the Open IT project.

The Cluster also conducted the IT-market research of the Kharkiv region. The results of last year’s study gave an effect.

“Due to the fact that we got concrete figures, the Kharkiv IT industry has become the focus of international partners, and USAID are ready to provide grants in the amount of $ 43 million.”Olha Shapoval, Executive Director of the Cluster said.

At the moment, Kharkiv IT Research 2.0 is in the process, and its results will be presented in November 2019.

Over the past four years, the Cluster has become the sole voice of the IT industry at the national and international levels. Actually, around this idea, 6 companies of the region united and founded the Kharkiv IT Cluster in 2015. Confirmation of this is regular meetings with foreign diplomats, as well as communication with state authorities at the highest level.

On a city-wide scale, Kharkiv IT Cluster participates in infrastructure projects, in particular, in the implementation of the Smart City concept. In addition, it remains relevant and protective function and help companies in matters of interaction with controlling bodies. Companies-members of the Cluster have access to round-the-clock lawyers’ support.

Thus, Kharkiv IT Cluster is confidently moving to make Kharkiv the city of the future and become the heart of the high-tech industry of a strong and developed Ukraine.