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The IT Invincibility Hubs blog reveals to the world Ukrainian IT companies that continue to work and bring Ukraine’s victory closer despite regular shelling, blackouts and other hardships. Read the article to find out how the life of Kharkiv-based JustCoded has changed.

On the morning of February 24, instead of a space for work, morning meetups, and meetings with colleagues, the JustCoded hub turned into a shelter for employees’ families and pets.

Managers were constantly in touch with clients, and developers continued their work despite the danger and chaos around them.

«It was then that we realized that our office, even without generators and starters, was a fortress!» JustCoded employees share their memories.

At the beginning of March 2022, when most of the team left the city, the three-story office building did not stop functioning and opened its doors to the volunteers of the NGO «Through War». The charitable foundation did not stop its work for a moment — the JustCoded space was always ready to receive those who needed help.

Winter is coming

In September, the team began to develop a plan to survive the winter and resist the enemy’s intentions to plunge Kharkiv and the rest of Ukraine into darkness. The office was equipped with powerful generators, starters and supplies of food and water for the field kitchen. The team was ready and won this battle between good and evil.

Every employee in the company was helped to buy home chargers, power banks and everything they needed to continue working for Victory.

«Thanks to the well-coordinated work and a predefined system of actions of each team member, we were able to survive in the darkest times for our country and save business and people. We continue to donate and help the country,» says Mayya Chirva, HR at JustCoded.

JustCoded offers a helping hand to anyone who needs it. That’s why their IT invincibility hub is open to employees of other IT companies or IT courses who need a workspace in Kharkiv.

Join Kharkiv IT Cluster and become a part of a big community and big changes.

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