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We meet MAXNET, a company that provides Kharkiv residents with high-quality telecommunications, despite all the difficulties and challenges of today. Kharkiv IT Cluster will tell you more.

MAXNET is a gigabit provider and operator that offers a full range of telecommunications services. The geography of the company’s influence has gone beyond Kharkiv and the region: telephony services from MAXNET are used by customers all over Ukraine, and users of the Kharkiv-based company’s cloud services are located all over the world.

«Every day, for more than 20 years, our team has been working to empower our subscribers with high-quality and reliable digital services,» says Volodymyr Emelianenko, MAXNET’s CBDO.

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The company’s activities are focused on promoting the development of information and telecommunications technologies. The main criteria that MAXNET pays attention to during its work:

💪 responsibility to the society
💪 availability and reliability of services
💪 use and implementation of innovative technologies
💪 honesty and transparency of relationships

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Work in the realities of war

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MAXNET has many cases of working under the sound of arrivals, and sometimes even under the shelling itself.
Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, Russians have been destroying Kharkiv’s infrastructure. Every day, more and more infrastructure damage appeared, so there was only one way out — to repair it to restore the lost connection as soon as possible.

«At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, in March 2022, a shell hit the building,» recalls Roman Glushkov, Head of the Network Construction and Operation Department, «as a result of the explosion and fire, everything in the basement burned out, and all the cables stuck together due to the high temperature».



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«We immediately conducted diagnostics and found the location of the gust, but the next day it snowed and the work became even more difficult because the well was flooded with meltwater. We shouldn’t forget about the air raids that forced the military to take us off the street and into the shelter,» Roman recalls the events of the past year.

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The MAXNET team continued to work through the curfew and was one of the first in the city to restore connectivity to its subscribers. In addition, the employees provided their fibers to other providers so that they could restore their customers.

For more than a year of full-scale intrusion, MAXNET proved that it is possible to find a way out of any situation. For example, system administrator Sergey Pereyaslavsky recalls his «inventive» working days in the fall of 2022:

«When Poltava had problems with the Internet connection due to bad weather, I solved the situation as follows: I found a point on a tree with stable, powerful Internet and hung a phone with a power bank in a package. After that, I found an awning and built myself a workplace, similar to a tent, under the tree. We solved problems as best we could.»

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More than a year of work in a full-scale war has taught the MAXNET team to be ready for anything. Thus, on April 15, 2023, during a visit to restore the main network to the village of Tsyrkuny, a company employee discovered a mine. This was immediately reported to the State Emergency Service, and upon arrival, the specialists removed and neutralized the found munition.

«It was fortunate that the explosive object was noticed before the start of the repair work. The team took all the necessary measures, so no one was injured and the grid was successfully repaired,» Roman Glushkov, Head of Grid Construction and Operation, commented on the situation.



In addition to the fact that the MAXNET team maintains the operation of its networks, despite all the difficulties and dangers, the provider also provides subscribers with communication at a reduced rate. Part of the monthly fee goes to funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another of the company’s initiatives is to provide a free internet connection to bomb shelters so that people can always stay connected.

The MAXNET team has experience in organizing logistics and targeted delivery of humanitarian aid, and recently purchased and delivered a vehicle for our military, which helps defenders on the front line in the Kharkiv region.

Plans for the future

The company continues to invest in the region and its recovery and is actively expanding its coverage.

«We have a positive outlook on the future, we believe in the Armed Forces and our Victory, and that Kharkiv residents will soon return to their homes. Therefore, we plan to significantly expand our coverage in 2023.

Since 2015, our subscribers in private buildings have already appreciated the benefits of GPON services, so now we are modernizing multi-story buildings with this technology to provide our users with maximum autonomy even during blackouts,» Volodymyr says about the company’s goals.

MAXNET does its best to provide its subscribers with high-quality and high-speed communication, so it provides its customers with a 100 Mbps bonus free of charge to make the Internet «fly» for all users without exception.

Despite all the risks, the MAXNET team continues to support Kharkiv residents and work for Victory!

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