Corporate Equality Index 2020

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Kharkiv IT Cluster took part in a press conference at the «Nakipelo» office on the launch of the Corporate Equality Index in Ukraine. Experts and representatives of organizations discussed the mission and the history of the Index as well as its implementation by Ukrainian companies.


Speakers at the press conference were:

  • Tymur Levchuk — an expert of the Corporate Equality Index, executive director of the GO «Tochka opory UA»;
  • Daria Nagaivska — Ph.D., an expert of the Corporate Equality Index, project manager of the HGNO «Suchasna Zhіnka»;
  • Olena Uvarova — Ph.D., an expert of the Corporate Equality Index, a chairman of the International Laboratory of Business and Human Rights in Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University;
  • Olga Shapoval — MBA (The Open University, London), executive director of Kharkiv IT Cluster.

The press conference

The Corporate Equality Index is a research on how companies implement a diversity policy and whether tolerance and non-discrimination exist only on the paper or are implemented in practice.

«The Index is a kind of a roadmap: any HR manager or director can open the Index, analyze the points that they can stop at, and determine what to focus on and in which direction the company should work in terms of equality», said Timur Levchuk.

More and more companies around the world are now joining the Index:
«First of all, this strengthens the reputation of a business in society. Besides, investors increasingly pay attention to where the company stands in terms of human rights», said Elena Uvarova.

As for the Ukrainian business, local companies are not in the ratings yet. However, in many IT companies, corporate social responsibility is not mere words, but company policy, and they implement it in practice.

Olga Shapoval noted that the reason for this is that IT companies of the Kharkiv region are mostly oriented on the American and European markets, therefore they need to comply with the standards of other countries’ IT companies.


This year, representatives of the press conference and the Corporate Equality Index invite representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals-entrepreneurs to participate in the Index. The evaluation will take place until the end of October. One can read about the questionnaire and answer the questions for the Corporate Equality Index 2020 by the following link.

Also this year, as a part of the Index, employees of Ukrainian companies can take part in the questionnaire on their attitude to the values that are declared and practiced at their workplaces. Follow the link to fill in the questionnaire.

We were glad to participate in such an important press conference for the industry and the country. Kharkiv IT Cluster encourages companies to join the Corporate Equality Index, improve Ukrainian business, and give equal opportunities to everyone!