You need to receive payments for a number of Individual Entrepreneurs (FOPs) from a foreign company. What would you do?

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A transit account for a foreign company at KredoBank is the best option for international payments and payments to many individual entrepreneurs. One account to minimize your problems.

Why is it beneficial? First, because opening and maintaining a transit account is free. Secondly, because it is cheaper: a company pays for only one SWIFT payment instead of multiple payments. Thirdly, it simplifies the work and optimizes the process. The company’s accounting department does not bother with making payments for each individual entrepreneur individually. The bank takes care of this and, therefore, there is no need to spend additional resources and time.

What is required for this? To sign an agreement with KredoBank, according to which the bank opens a transit account in foreign currency, euro or US dollar, and provides access to online banking. The bank also sends a register template, where the company indicates all individual entrepreneurs to whom the funds are to be sent. The customer makes a SWIFT transfer for the total amount for all individual entrepreneurs to this transit account. Then the bank distributes the funds in payments for each individual entrepreneur according to the register submitted via iFobs online banking.

Thus, a foreign company sends one payment instead of multiple payments, reducing service fees. The only commission paid by the customer is from 0.1% to 0.5% of the transfer amount and is paid by the sender of the funds. The commission is set individually.
Do business with KredoBank and forget the extra hassle. Contact Nataliia Novozhylova, director of the regional center for attracting IT customers, for more details.

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