WHO endorses computer games

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Do you spend all your free time playing video games? Have you recognized this activity as your hobby? Play as much as you want, The World Health Organization endorses this!

When the whole world struggles with COVID-19, it is essential to stay at home and follow the quarantine rules. A lot of people spend their free time playing video games, so they can have fun and distract from problems. The World Health Organization recognizes the benefits of computer games during the lockdown.

You can be wherever you want when playing computer games: either you want to wander through parallel universes, or save humanity, or even to be a bad guy.

“Games industry companies have a global audience, so we support #PlayApartTogether movement”, — wrote Ray Chambers, Global Strategy Ambassador of the World Health Organization. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the GD of the World Health Organization, shares Ray’s opinion.

The #PlayApartTogether movement urges you to stay at home and have fun playing online computer games with friends. 

Still, WHO warns that spending too much time online playing games is harmful to your social life. It is a disease that has negative consequences and has to be treated.

Play wisely and mind the time limits when playing video games. Remember that you have a real-life out there, and your presence in the reality is essential.

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