What education programmees to apply for at Kharkiv Universities

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Over 100 thousand Ukrainians are finishing school this year. During the last several months they are intensively preparing to their final exams and entry tests, in order to have more opportunities to be admitted to the best universities. At the same time they are trying to choose the most suitable specialization, where they could have more chances to realize their ambitions.

How to choose the right specialization and university? This decision does not seem to be simple.

Someone is good at mathematics, other people are born to be great communicators, psychologists and managers, and there are people, who become good IT developers at an early age, but dream to become a strategic analytic with technical or engineering background.  Thus, with the diversification of industries the choice is getting even harder.

Where to go and how to support the decision with the right arguments?

The translation of this article (in Russian) is coming soon.