USAID to support educational projects in Kharkiv

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The United States Agency for International Development is going to support educational projects in Kharkiv, considering Kharkiv as a promising region for innovative business and human capital development.

The total amount of grant support reaches up to 43 mln.USD. It was stated by the  USAID/Ukraine Competitive Economy Program (CEP) representatives after the workshop on June, 4, organized by the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

The central topic was the quality of education in engineering, fundamental disciplines, computer sciences.  IT Clusters of Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Vinnitsa also joined the discussions, as well as the IT Ukraine Association and Kramatorsk IT Community. Together with the universities and educational establishments they discussed new learning experiences in order to enhance human capital, especially in the context of potential employees of business companies.

“The event in Kharkiv was very important, because even more educational opportunities are needed for the developing IT Industry, scientific and technological innovations, and the training has to be of a high quality. Many interesting projects are being implemented in Ukraine at this time. The event participants tried to initiate some new advanced educational programs and curricula, to meet the needs of contemporary industries”,  – the CEP Emerging Industries and Competitiveness Team Leader Andrzej Schafernaker stated.