Ukraine has got Wide Opportunities for Fintech Experiments

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“Ukraine has got wide opportunities for Fintech experiments,” – mentioned Pavel Kravchenko, founder at Openbankit, Bitxfy, e-Auction, during the 12-th regular meetup of  Smart Club. Kharkiv IT Cluster as a permanent info partner of the project is glad to mention that the event gathered more than 100 attendees. At that time the discussion was about Fintech industry and its main directions, about Blockchain particularly. They also spoke about a restart of the world financial system and Fintech regarding Ukraine.

18199445_1219490334828704_4158293720240611147_n Ukraine has got Wide Opportunities for Fintech Experiments

“We have got world-scale projects that have been performed in Ukraine, and innovations that probably could be implemented in Ukraine only right now. We have such a unique situation when government forbids nothing, and one can do everything he or she wants. Furthermore, we’ve got great many IT specialists”, – said Pavel.

As far as Blockchain is concerned, there is a thought about its appliance in world and Ukrainian markets. Pavel Kravchenko thinks that in future Blockchain is going to be used for various purposes. Its range of use will contain not only technological things but also social ones. Further interest to Blockchain will change. Pavel forecasts a partial breakdown “cause the market is overheated. And players expect from the technology much more than it could be done”.

According to the Smart Club providers (company INSART, a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster), the principal goal of the event was not just to tell about popular technologies, but also to make Kharkiv IT specialists think on their future and possibilities that are available in the world, including Ukraine.

18222652_1219487944828943_389699997319226868_n Ukraine has got Wide Opportunities for Fintech Experiments

“Smart Club community points at developers of various Enterprise solutions.” This time we decided to focus on the business domain, rather than on the technology. In our opinion, Fintech is a rather awesome trend”, – noted Vasyl Soloshchuk, CEO at INSART; Co-founder of Kharkiv IT Cluster.

In his view, nowadays developers should concentrate on business issues of their clients: ”we know the technology very well, but not always understand the business domain. I think, to get a new competitive advantage in the world market, Ukrainian developers have to wonder in what business domain they would specialize. It’s important both for performing outsourcing projects, and growing product directions, especially startups.  In the financial market, in matters of health, media, eCommerce, and Telecom, if you are aware of the business domain, partners appreciate you much more. Without understanding the business domain it’s hard to invent an interesting product with functional business model”.

Kharkiv IT Cluster also regards Fintech as one of the most perspective IT trends. That’s why we are preparing a comprehensive article based on Kharkiv IT companies’ Fintech expertise. The material should be posted in early June.