Tips from Kharkiv IT Cluster: how to write a catchy headline

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You asked and we did! We are going to share with you the life hacks on writing catchy headlines.

A hint before reading our selection: before writing a headline, analyze your target audience. The better you analyze it, the higher the chances of writing a good headline are. You would satisfy the exact desire of people you need 🙂

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How to write a worthy headline.

  • Ask questions. A person should have a desire to know how to do it, why it happened, and why they need it.
    For example: “Why is it important to wake up at 5 AM?”, “How to travel almost for free?”, “Why do you have a headache?”.
  • Use numbers if possible.
    For example: “9 ways to be more productive”, “7 life hacks for creating unusual logos”.
  • Use the psychology of human behavior.
    For example: “12 polite phrases that can ruin your conversation”.Our brain does not like incompleteness. That is why we have a question on how politeness can destroy something. However, do not come too strong, the reader should still understand what your article is about.
  • Use triggers. Triggers are the words and phrases that make a person desire to do something.
    For example: “promotion”, “10 years warranty”, “only two days left”, “this week only”.
  • Write about real-life experiences.
    For example: “How we made our first million from scratch”, “How I lost 15 kg in 2 months”, “How marketers make money on you”.
  • Play a little with negative things. Do not come too strong, of course.
    For example: “9 ways to fail an interview”, “7 daily habits that kill your productivity”.
  • Forget about the yellow headlines because lying would only reduce the quality of your audience. Write the truth and nothing but the truth 🙂

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