Useful apps for graphic designers

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Hello, designer! We have prepared a bunch of cool apps for you. They will make your creative life a little bit easier and improve your professional skills!

Here is our designer’s gold collection.

graduation-cap-480x480 Useful apps for graphic designers

Design tools:

  • Autodesk SketchBook is an app for your perfect sketches.
  • Krita is an open-source bitmap graphics editor.
  • Gimp is an app for raster images.
  • Figma is an online vector service for interface development and prototyping with the possibility to organize collaboration.
  • Adobe Photoshop is an editor for bitmap images.
  • Adobe Illustrator is an editor for vector images.
  • Adobe InDesign is an editor for layout creation.

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Color selection tools:

  • Adobe Color is a tool for creating your color schemes. It includes the possibility of choosing from a variety of pre-created compositions.
  • Chroma is a free web application for detecting colors.
  • Colourcode is an online tool for creating perfect color combinations.
  • Khroma is a tool for creating color palettes based on artificial intelligence.
  • UI Gradients is a collection of the most beautiful color gradients.

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Prototyping tools:

  • The Marvel App is an application for wireframing, designing, and interface prototyping.
  • Adobe Experience Design is an application allowing a quick transition from a prototype to an application on a mobile device.
  • Moqups is a prototyping app with the possibility to add an unlimited number of users on paid plans.

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A tip from Kharkiv IT Cluster designer: «Get inspired, try, practice, analyze and never give up! There is a new experience behind every mistake!»

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