Tips for copywriters from Kharkiv IT Cluster

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You’re new to copywriting and writing articles takes so much time that your eyes scream from fatigue?

Don’t worry, Kharkiv IT Cluster shares life hacks on how to make life easier if you write texts all day long.

Here are some tips for copywriters.

  • If you have «a fear of a blank sheet», try freewriting. For a short period, say 15 minutes, write whatever comes to mind without stopping. The main thing is not to stop.
  • Use the f.lux app if you write in the evening. It is a free software that adjusts the color temperature of the screen to avoid overstaining your eyesight. Your eyes will thank you.
  • Use the Glavred β app if you write for advertising, sites, landing pages, instructions, or commercial offers in Russian. The software helps to remove all the unnecessary things in the text.
  • Always check the spelling. We do not doubt your abilities. Yet, we are only humans, and we make mistakes. Check texts in Ukrainian with LanguageTool and in Russian with
  • If you work in the area of creative copywriting, we recommend the Daily Page service. It helps you to practice in writing articles: every day you receive an unusual topic that needs to be revealed before the end of the day.

We hope our tips will help you to write more and do it better, as well as inspire you for new achievements and ideas!

Leave in comments the topics you are interested in, and the Kharkiv IT Cluster team will prepare tips for you!