The networked economy of IT companies as the key to business resilience: Stories of Insoft Global and ErgoServ

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The stories of resilience in IT companies illustrate the power of community support, sharing expertise, and exchanging experiences within the IT industry. They show how IT companies, partially dispersed across the country, remain united by shared values rather than geography.

As part of the new “IT Cluster in the Cloud” project, supported by the USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine Program, we share the stories of small and medium-sized IT companies operating in the challenging conditions of war, blackouts, and partial team relocations. During the full-scale invasion, the Kharkiv IT Cluster community not only endured but also grew to include over 270 companies and partners. Insoft Global and ErgoServ share their stories of resilience and adaptability during times of war.

team is defined by shared values and goals

Insoft Global’s story exemplifies the strength of Ukrainian IT when remote teams come together with a common purpose.

Insoft Global has three offices in Ukraine. During the initial power, internet, and communication outages, the team implemented various measures to ensure the autonomy of their offices. They equipped their offices in the Kharkiv region with portable charging stations, which had separate centralized power sources. When the main power was cut, these stations automatically activated, ensuring the team continued working seamlessly. Fiber optics and routers connected to these charging stations provided uninterrupted internet access.

For the team, this meant 10-12 hours of stable office infrastructure operation. For their clients, it meant work delivered on time as per agreed deadlines.

The company’s Ternopil office was located in a business center with a robust generator and fiber-optic connectivity. Nevertheless, Insoft Global further enhanced their workspace by installing their own charging stations and Starlink.

Some remote IT professionals choose to set up their workstations at home. Insoft Global assisted with the purchase of essential items such as power banks and home charging devices.

On February 24, 2022, the Kharkiv-based company ErgoServ swiftly made decisions and acted in harmony to preserve its team and relocate them to a safer city.

Later, their newly equipped office in Cherkasy was fully powered and connected through a generator, EcoFlow DELTA charging stations, and Starlink. For continuous operation, the company procured additional autonomous lighting for all rooms and maintained a stock of flashlights, batteries, and warm blankets to ensure the team’s comfort during any season.

ErgoServ also collaborates with coworking spaces in other Ukrainian cities to provide remote workers access to functional and uninterrupted workspaces. The company covers the costs of coworking space rental and the setup of individual workstations, including power banks and batteries.

The commitment of every team member and the involvement of partners helped ErgoServ maintain uninterrupted work during blackouts or scheduled power outages while meeting all deadlines and maintaining productivity. Furthermore, the company provided assistance in setting up workspaces for colleagues from other Cherkasy-based companies.

Today, fortunately, the office equipment is hardly used. However, the team now has backup solutions for internet and electricity, along with the confidence that they are prepared to face any challenges, no matter how dark they may be.

Sharing and collaborating with the team

Every company’s story shows how effective leadership and strategies can help maintain stability and function in times of war.

Despite the challenges, the community continues to grow and develop, joining forces with partners and colleagues to build an ecosystem for the tech industry. Spaces of resilience represent the security and confidence of employees, ensuring agreements are honored. This is the ability to adapt and withstand new changes. It is the development and expansion of Ukraine’s IT industry as reliable and motivated partners, even in the face of war.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is expanding and enhancing the capabilities of cluster services to ensure that every company, regardless of where their employees are located, has the confidence, protection of their interests, and a space for sharing expertise. This has been the primary goal of the “IT Cluster in the Cloud” project, supported by the USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine Program, to support small and medium-sized companies that have relocated their teams in one way or another. Each IT company’s story is an illustration of possibilities in adversity, values that transcend geography, and the stability and growth of the IT industry that will help rebuild Ukraine’s post-war economy.

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