The impressive results of Akvelon and Microsoft collaboration

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Member Kharkiv IT Cluster, the company Akvelon, participates in the project Microsoft “Smart Home”, whose goal is to apply modern technologies in the construction and operation of houses.

“Technology is developing very quickly. Over the past 20 years, the brick phone has evolved into a pocket personal computer. And the houses are mostly bricks 300 years ago, and they still are. Akvelon participates in Microsoft’s ‘Smart Homes’ project. The purpose of which is to apply modern technologies in the construction and operation of houses. The project is designed to solve such problems as energy efficiency, comfort, safety, forecasting and control of repair work. On one Microsoft campus of 125 buildings, the system processes 2 million signals from 30,000 physical devices. While processing 500 million signals every 24 hours. The project uses cloud technologies for processing and analyzing large amounts of data in real time. Thanks to this project, campus electricity costs have been reduced by 20%, which saves about $10,000,000 per year.”

“I was in my third year of university when UN employees came to us and told us about the possibilities of working on Microsoft projects. Before that, I had only programmed as part of a university program. It was C#, Java, some JavaScript. I liked it so I decided to give it a try. So I ended up at Acvelon, and after a few months of preparation, I was already working on a Microsoft project. I am developing an Apache Cordova product. It is one of the most popular frameworks for cross-platform mobile development. At the moment I am programming for Windows, Android, iOS platforms, programming in C#, Java. I like to know that we are building a really important product that is used by 1000 other developers. Several times a week we call up a team from the USA and plan further work. I regret that I did not pay due attention to English during my studies. Now we have to catch up.”

“We develop an application that is installed on the computer of every Microsoft employee. This is approximately 120,000 people. The application monitors the state of the system in the background and allows you to detect a software or hardware malfunction and fix it, if possible. Microsoft internally estimated that this resulted in a 15,000 reduction in technical support calls and a savings of approximately $212,000 per month.”

“Microsoft has changed a lot lately. And before, I’d say I’m in a unique position because I work on projects like Visual Studio, I work on a Mac, and the team’s code is hosted on GitHub. But now it has become the norm. And, as far as I know, according to statistics, Microsoft has become one of the leaders in the community. I myself think that this is very cool and the future lies with him.
Whether you’re an experienced developer or a smart, bright-eyed student, come join us and we’ll work on these and many other projects together.”