Techstack відкриває перший закордонний делівері-хаб у Вроцлаві, Польщі

Techstack Launches a Delivery Center in Poland

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Wrocław, Poland, October 19, 2022 — Techstack, a product engineering and custom software development company, announced its expansion in the EU technology market by opening its first European delivery office in Wrocław, Poland.

Launching a new working space in the heart of Central Europe is a logical step in the team’s development path. Originally located in Ukraine, the company decided to speed up its expansion when the war broke out and opened an office in the short term. With this, Techstack will be able to give shelter and comfortable working places to those team members who were forced to leave their homes. Also, partial relocation will help the team grow its presence in the major IT hubs across Europe, support the partners, and reinforce their products, guaranteeing full security and stability.

The choice of Poland as the location for a new European hub opening was, foremost, backed by the team’s decision to be in a safe place closer to the motherland. After thoroughly researching the East and Central European labor markets, living conditions and legal processes, the team went for Poland. Techstack is convinced that with 550 000 IT specialists, 10 IT Clusters, numerous technical universities and a dozen tech giants’ offices, the Polish technical landscape will become a powerful ground for the company’s growth and a comfortable location for the professional development of Techstack’s team members.

“We have selected Poland, and exactly Wrocław, because of its similarity to Ukraine: close mentality, transport connections with Ukrainian cities, short time zone difference. I hope our team’s relocated part will feel comfortable and safe here. Also, being located in Central Europe makes us closer to our partners from the EU, which guarantees even tighter and faster cooperation”Ivan Yeremenko, CEO at Techstack.

Techstack has a long-term development strategy, which includes expanding the company’s presence across the globe. The Polish company opens the door to Techstack’s further progress. At the same time, the company is working on launching the second Ukrainian delivery hub in the Western part of the country, in Lviv, and building plans for another opening around the world.

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