SoftServe Won HR Brand Award 2017

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On December 5, a final conference of HR Brand Award 2017 was held in Kyiv, which ended with the announcement of winners of annual leading HR initiatives contest. SoftServe’s project “Digital solutions for engaging employees into managing the company” won in nomination “Business Transformation: Digital Solutions and Innovations” as well as recognition from HR provider SmartSolutiоns in the nomination “Smart Tool for Smart People”.

“Every company has to take care not only about measuring the atmosphere in a team on a regular basis but also finding the ways of effective cooperation with employees,” said Anna Solohub, Director of HR Marketing, SoftServe. “We had to develop a solution to encourage employees to share their true feedback on different aspects of working at SoftServe and for managers and the company as a whole to constantly improve, taking into consideration the gained results.”

Since May 2017, every quarter SoftServe employees have been receiving short questionnaires to measure their  satisfaction level for working at the company. HR team found a convenient online platform that not only sends questionnaires, but also automatically analyzes results according to different criteria. All managers have an access to the system, which allows them to work with their departments’ results and take into consideration feedback while managing the team. According to the results of each round, 3 most crucial issues are identified, and initiatives for its solving are implemented. Such approach is used not only at the company level, but it is also cascaded to all the organization levels, be it department, division or team. The next round of survey shows the efficiency of implemented changes. In general, the approach showed great results: over 70% of stuff participated in the survey; over 25,000 comments were received since the launch of the system. Developed approach, based on engaging the employees into managing changes in the company, has already shown its results – since its launch quantity of employees that are loyal to the company has grown by 3%, overall employee Net Promoter Score has increased by 5%.

SoftServe pays a lot of attention to creating comfortable working conditions as well as opportunities for professional and career growth. These affords were recognized by numerous awards and 2017 is not an exception. In December, published rating of the best employers of Ukraine in 14 spheres, including information technologies. SoftServe was listed in top 3 companies in IT industry together with Google and Microsoft. Voting was conducted in two stages. The first stage was held by a student organization “Studrespublica” with the participation of over 500 students from top Ukrainian universities. The second stage included the voting of readers on online resource, in which about 5,000 people participated.

Moreover, recently portal DOU has published an annual rating of employers in IT sphere, in which 15,080 professionals took part, having evaluated 1,110 companies. SoftServe was listed in top 10, having obtained the 6th position in the list of the best IT employers of the country.