SoftServe IT Academy - the largest learning platform for newcomers in IT starts with a new certification service

SoftServe IT Academy – the largest learning platform for newcomers in IT starts with a new certification service

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Recently, the largest educational platform for students who are about starting a career in IT – SoftServe IT Academy, presented an updated product – IT Academy certification. This is a free service for beginners – those who get acquired knowledge through self-education, are confident in their knowledge and want to determine their technical level, as well as their English level. Currently, the certification covers the most popular directions: .NET, QC, WEB UI, JAVA and PYTHON, as for now, the service is available in Lviv, Dnipro and Kharkiv.


During the certification, the candidate will get two tests, technical exam and written and spoken English knowledge review.

We work in a very dynamic environment, and the demand for educational solutions is constantly growing, we are continually searching for new formats of interaction with students and beginners in IT. SoftServe, as a company that has been successfully operating on the market for a long time, has the appropriate expertise to knowledge estimation. IT Academy certification is an updated product available for people both with technical education gained from special courses, as well as for self-educated students, ”- Maria Shatalova, Certification Center Manager.


SoftServe IT Academy certification is free and valid throughout the year. It gives an opportunity to skip a technical interview during the recruiting process at SoftServe: the owners of such a certificate are obliged to pass only an interview to figure out if they have the soft skills required for the job. Please, learn more here.


SoftServe IT Academy is a platform for students and university graduates to improve their IT skills. In a short period of time (2-4 months) students can improve their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a number of IT specialisations.

Last year, SoftServe IT Academy has graduated 1,500 students, 776 were hired to SoftServe. During the 14 years of SoftServe IT Academy existence, we have trained over 7,000 graduates. IT Academy courses are available in more than 35 directions.


SoftServe IT Academy’s strategic plans for 2020 include online courses development, various incubators, project training courses launch. In addition, SoftServe intends to deepen cooperation with universities for both teachers and students, including plans to open a number of university-based courses and joint curricula.