Representatives of Kharkiv IT Cluster met with Consul General of the USA in Ukraine William Bistryanski

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Kharkiv IT Cluster held an informal meeting with Consul General of the USA in Ukraine, William Bistransky. The event took place at the office of Cluster corporate member, AltexSoft Company. 15 IT- businessmen had an opportunity to ask the guest their questions, find out all the details of visa documents execution, as well as the secrets of Texas barbecue.

Consul General of the USA in Ukraine, William Bistransky, met with the representatives of Kharkiv IT-community and asked them a few questions. Most of all he wanted to know how to attract people who can get a visa to the United States to the process. Today, the US Embassy in Ukraine issues twice more visas for Ukrainians than ten years ago. Nevertheless, there are still about 100 000 people who could easily receive a visa, but do apply for it. The representatives of Kharkiv IT Cluster shared their opinion on the issue and asked counter questions that would reflect the concerns of the target audience.

William Bistransky mentioned that he saw the future of Ukraine in the field of IT, that is why he was open to dialogue and ready to do everything to facilitate the development of relations between Ukrainian and American businessmen. He explained in detail what types of visas it was better to open for business purposes, what to do in case of problem occurrence, how to prevent the rejection. The meeting participants developed several practical cases, when IT people faced with the questions on documents execution or problems upon arrival to America. William Bistransky assured that he was ready to cooperate and wanted to understand the needs of IT-community better to simplify the process of receiving a visa, and therefore to strengthen business relations between the countries.

In addition, Consul General drew attention to the fact that the USA was one of the tourist centers of the world. They are actively implementing such program as “gastronomic tours”, where one will be able to find out the difference between barbecue in Texas and Louisiana, and other subtleties of American cuisine.

Joking aside, but diplomatic relations between the USA and Ukraine are developing rapidly. Kharkiv IT Cluster makes its contribution to this process. The Committee on International Marketing of the Cluster is actively engaged in this issue and elaborates projects on the development of cooperation of Kharkiv and American IT-businessmen. Follow our news.