“Positive Rooms 2.0” for Small Patients

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Charity Fund Open Eyes, founded by SoftServe, raises funds for the implementation of “Positive Rooms 2.0” project at children’s hospitals of Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

A positive room is a bright, comfortable and functional space for children who undergo long-term treatment at hospitals. The project is aimed at improving environment for small patients. In order not to leave children alone with a disease and not to make them feel out of their normal life, the rooms will have 4 zones: creative zone, play space and places for reading and education with specifically chosen toys and educational materials. Children will be able to have fun, read, catch up with school classes, develop their creativity and most importantly get positive emotions that can help them recover more quickly.

For project realization in 4 Ukrainian cities UAH 615,000 are needed, UAH 230,000 out of which have been already raised. The sum was partially covered by the organizers of IT Weekend Ukraine conference, that transferred 25% of sum gathered from selling tickets for the project`s realization. Additionally, Ivan Leshko, VP Client Success at SoftServe, has recently released a book “Common sense: Ukrainians’ vision”. All money raised by selling books will be donated for project implementation.

Open Eyes charity fund calls for all companies that would like to join the initiative. Anyone who wants to improve the kids’ staying in hospitals can contribute to the project on the Fund’s website.

History of “Positive Room 2.0” project

In October 2017, the Fund launched a pilot project at Wroclaw Clinic of Endocrinology and Diabetology for Children (Poland) together with Pozytywne.com Association and other partners. Annually, nearly 6k small patients are registered at the Clinic, 600-700 of them have to stay for a long-term treatment. The positive room is an irreplaceable space for playing and studying, where it is easier for children to forget for some time about their condition and being away from home and parents.

4.-S “Positive Rooms 2.0” for Small Patients

Employees of SoftServe development center in Wroclaw came up with the idea to create such room. They addressed SoftServe Open Eyes charity fund and the project was launched. Employees from offices in Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria joined the fundraising campaign. The second half of the necessary sum was allocated from company budget.
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-2 “Positive Rooms 2.0” for Small Patients

Due to the fruitful partnership and successful project implementation in Poland, the Fund decided to accomplish it in Ukrainian children hospitals as well.  Funds, raised within the project, will be spent on Positive Rooms opening in 4 hospitals:

  • Children’s Department of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Meningitis of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Phthisis-Pulmonary Center;
  • Ophthalmologic Department of Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital;
  • Department of Reconstructive Surgery with acute cancer beds of Dnipro Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital;
  • Pediatric Department for children with rare diseases and multiple defects of Kharkiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

Contribute to “Positive Rooms 2.0” project on the Fund website, and follow our news on Facebook page.