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Dreaming of becoming a computer games developer?

Listen to podcasts in your spare time from people in the heart of GameDev and get to know the profession better.

Here is a selection from Kharkiv IT Cluster.

  • “How Games Are Made” («Как делают игры»). The guests of the podcast explain in simple words how world-famous computer games are created. Specialists from such companies as Wargaming, Valve, and Playstation have already given guest talks.
  • “GAME FACTORY 2016”. Industry experts share secrets and life hacks that helped them to create marvelous computer games.
  • “#RadioFlazm”. A podcast is about creating worthy games in small teams. The host advises on how to attract investments at the beginning of a career, and how to choose technologies and platforms for development.
  • “Hard&Easy” (“Хард&Изи”). This is a perfect podcast to keep up with all the latest GameDev news, releases, and announcements.

Create your own worlds, rules, characters, and environments, and use every precious minute profitably by listening to podcasts.

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