SoftServe has created a platform for collecting donations to help Ukraine

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SoftServe has created a multifunctional immersive platform called LightenUA that will help to gamify donations. The platform is to be used at conferences, online events, and meetings with partners and clients to draw attention to Ukraine’s needs.

Users can immerse themselves in a metaverse filled with magical crystals, each imbued with a unique superpower ranging from promoting emotional harmony to boosting confidence. After selecting their crystal of choice, users can “send it to Ukraine” by making a donation that releases the crystal’s power to provide aid and uplift Ukrainian spirits.

The first fundraising goal that the “Open Eyes” Charity Fund is launching with the help of the platform is $50 thousand. These funds will be used to buy 10 defibrillators to be installed in the ambulances to save the lives of Ukrainian defenders on the front line.

“LightenUA is a combination of technology, immersive experience and charity. In this way, we allow users to feel like they are on a unique journey, in a metaverse. Such a presentation helps to better convey the purpose of charitable projects and attract even more people to them,” comments Anna Sheremetieva, Senior R&D Product Manager, SoftServe.

The platform was developed using such tools as Three.js, Blender, Web GL, and is integrated with the Stripe payment system. To bring this metaverse reality experience to life, we connected to cloud storage.

You can join the project and donate from anywhere in the world, including Ukraine. Choose a crystal and follow this link –

This fundraising campaign for defibrillators is part of the “Open Eyes” project “Drive for Life.” Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 175 fully equipped ambulances and medical evacuation vehicles have been handed over to the frontline within this project. Thanks to these vehicles, about 10,000 injured defenders and civilians have been saved.

In total, more than 80 thousand Ukrainians have received assistance from the fund since February 2022. In addition, the “Open Eyes” has supported more than 250 medical institutions and units by purchasing and delivering more than 700 tons of humanitarian aid, including more than 42,000 units of medical aid and 35,000 units of personal protective equipment.

SoftServe is the largest global IT company with Ukrainian roots, providing software development and consulting services. More than 12,000 employees work in more than 50 offices located from San Francisco to Singapore. The company’s headquarters are located in Lviv and Austin (USA).  The company is working on more than 900 active projects for clients in North America, the EU, and Asia. SoftServe’s clients include IBM, Cisco, Panasonic, Cloudera, Henry Schein, Spillman Technologies, and others. SoftServe is a partner of Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, NVIDIA, and other major technology companies.

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